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Bern, the Swiss capital city, has a rich historical and cultural heritage. The country's fifth most densely populated city has been attracting European Union and non-European expats for many years, due to its quality of living and slower pace than other canton capitals like Zurich and Geneva. Bern's population consists of Swiss, Germans and Italians, as well as citizens of various origins. The Swiss capital city, which is also the canton of Bern's capital city, offers great career and housing opportunities: you will not have much trouble finding accommodation suiting your preferences and budget if you wish to settle there.

How to find accommodation in Bern

The city of Bern has a population of 142,656 as of June 2018, making it the fourth most populated city in the country. Like most Swiss cities, Bern offers a wide variety of accommodations: studios, rooms, apartments and individual houses. Home stay is actually very popular in the region, although individual houses for rent are usually rather old. Also popular is room sharing, as it is an ideal solution for students and interns. Most available accommodations in Bern are furnished, but it is also possible to find non-furnished apartments. If you are only visiting the city, you can choose from hotels and B&Bs. As for individual houses, these are rather old.

In fact, since apartment hunting will take some time, perhaps the smartest approach would be to get a hotel room, a temporary furnished apartment or share a flat for a few months anyway. This will allow you to be in Bern yourself and look for accommodation. Another idea would be to look for something outside the city but within the Bern canton and within commuting distance from your work: the apartments will most likely be cheaper and the demand not so high.

That being said, you should start your search for accommodation on the internet well before even arriving in Switzerland. You can start by browsing real estate websites and databases like Homegate and ImmoScout24. You can also check out classified ads in local newspapers, some of which are also available online. A real estate agency or a relocation agency can also help you find the most suitable accommodation according to your family situation and your budget.

Rent prices

Rent prices in Bern are relatively lower than those in other major Swiss cities, including Zurich and Geneva ' although unfortunately, they are on the rise, and at a faster increase rate than Zurich's. To rent a small one or two-room apartment in Bern, you should expect to pay somewhere around 1,800 CHF (â¬1,548) plus utilities and costs. For bigger apartments, you can pay around 3,000 CHF (â¬2,580) per month. Of course, even within the city centre prices will vary according to the neighbourhood and the apartment's amenities. If you choose room sharing, you will need some around 800 CHF (â¬688) for a room in a shared apartment. The rent price for a five-room house can exceed 5,000 CHF (â¬4,300).

Districts & neighbourhoods in Bern

The canton of Bern is divided into 10 districts, including the Bernese Jura, Biel, Seeland, Upper Aargau, Emmental, Bern Mittelland, Thun, Haut-Simmental-Saanen, Frutigen-Bas-Simmental and Interlaken-Oberhasli. These are in turn divided into different cities and neighbourhoods. Bern city is definitely the region's most popular destination with some 142,656 inhabitants, including a large number of expats. The most popular residential neighbourhoods are Berne, Matte, Marzili Kirchienfeld, Langgasse, Winkelriedstrasse, Mindstrasse, etc. If you're looking for less costly accommodation, you should search outside the city. Apartments can cost about 20% less in the Bümpliz area or in Biel-Bienne.

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