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Lisbon is Portugal’s capital and is also the largest city in the country. The Portuguese economy has continued to improve in recent years, which has resulted in lower levels of unemployment compared to years past.

Lisbon is a large city, rich in culture, history, and diversity, making it a popular choice for expats seeking work. Job-seekers with fluency in Portuguese and English will have the best chances of finding their dream job in Lisbon.

Main industries

Many employment industries can be found in Lisbon. Traditionally, the main industries in the city have included tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing, specifically of textiles and clothing, wine, leather goods, olive oil, and paper goods. However, Portugal has embraced the modern era, and Lisbon now offers many jobs in engineering, technology, insurance, mining, education, and IT. Some of Portugal's largest companies are in the fields of energy, telecommunications, and banking. A few large employers in the country, based in Lisbon, include Volkswagen AutoEuropa, Microsoft, Google, and Bosch.

English-speaking expats may find work in the fields of education, technology, and tourism, to name a few. Those with English as a Second Language (ESOL) qualifications will also find work opportunities in Lisbon.

Work culture

Portuguese workers enjoy a traditional 40 hour work week, or eight-hour workday, and 12 public holidays and a minimum of 22 days annual leave per year. Workers report it can be hard to manage a work-life balance, due to sometimes having to work longer hours than anticipated. However, Portugal does have a strong culture of family, with recent government reforms allowing more time for parental leave for new parents.

The work culture in Lisbon can also be social, with businesses and colleagues often enjoying work lunches together. Unlike in neighbouring Spain, Portugal does not usually follow the siesta culture, so businesses and shops are still open during the afternoons.

Find a job

There are various ways to find a job in Lisbon. The internet is the best starting point- you can check out general and specialised job websites where you can also register your resume. Interested employers will then be able to contact you if they are interested in contacting you about job offers. You can also browse classified and employment ads in local newspapers such as Correio da Manhã, Diário de notícias, and Publico.

Recruitment agencies are also popular in Lisbon. Registering with an agency can be a great way to find employment, as recruiters work to match companies and job-seekers. Agencies can also help you improve your resume, and are paid commision by companies, not workers. This means there is no charge to register with a recruitment agency,

If you are interested in a specific business or company, it can be beneficial to contact them directly regarding potential employment opportunities.

Living and working in Lisbon can be a rewarding and fun experience, so use the tips above to help find your dream job!

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