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Can you drive with your original driver's license in Luxembourg? If not, how to apply for a local driver's license? Find out in this article.

You will probably want to drive in Luxembourg if you have decided to relocate there. The first thing to do is to inquire whether your driver's license will be recognized in the country. As Luxembourg is part of the European Union, foreign nationals coming from one of these countries are allowed to drive with their national driver's license. Foreigners coming from non-European countries, on the other hand, may have to exchange their driver's license, or obtain a local driver's license if they don't yet have one.

Exchanging your driver's license

If you have a driver's license that has been issued in the European Union or in the European Economic Area, you are advised to register it at the Société Nationale de la Circulation Automobile (SNCA), that is the National Traffic Company. Documents to be produced are indicated on the application form which is available at the Driver's License Service at Sandweiler.

In case your driver's license has been issued in another country, you can use it for a maximum period of one year. Thereafter, you are required to exchange it against a Luxembourg driver's license.

Applying for a local driver's license

The application for a local driver's license has to be made at the Société Nationale de Contrôle Technique (SNCT), that is the National Technical Control Company. In general, the minimum age varies according to the different vehicle categories. But in all cases, you have to register with a driving school that is approved by the Département des Transports or Transports Department. You will be entitled to a minimum of 12 hours of theoretical lessons and 16 hours of practical driving lessons.

Theoretical lessons are validated by an examination which is conducted by the SNCT which also takes care of all procedures relating to the driver's license. Note that this step is mandatory. Once you have followed at least 16 hours of driving lessons, you will undergo a practical driving examination.

In case of theft or loss

Driving is prohibited in case of loss, theft or damage to the driver's license. You must then apply for a duplicate driver's license at the SNCA. A loss statement will be issued on the spot. Your new driver's license will then be delivered within a few days. Note, however, that the loss statement is not considered as a provisional driver's license.


Motor vehicles and trailers cannot circulate on the road unless these have a registration plate. Therefore, they have to undergo a technical control inspection at the SNCT. In the case of a cross-border relocation, the owner of the imported vehicle has to fill in required formalities within a 6 months period.

Moreover, a personalized registration number can be requested from the SNCA. The application form is available on its website. You also have to produce your identity documents either by mail, fax, or by e-mail. Note that a chancery tax applies. In the case of a first grant, fees of 50 euros have to be paid. You will pay 24 euros in the case of a transfer.

Technical control

All vehicles registered in Luxembourg have to undergo a technical control at the Société Nationale de Contrôle Technique (SNCT), which is the National Technical Control Company. This applies to both new and second hand vehicles as long as these are circulating around the country. Note that technical control is required when the existing technical fitness certificate has expired. However, the vehicle can also undergo a technical control inspection at least eight weeks prior to the certificate's expiry date. In any case, the following documents are to be produced:

  • the vehicle's registration card or registration certificate Part I or II,
  • a previous control certificate or a European inspection certificate for vehicles registered after the 1st of January 1998
  • an insurance certificate
  • a valid tax vignette.

Technical control appointments can be taken online on the Société Nationale de Contrôle Technique website or by calling the ( 352) 14 222 35 72, or even by visiting an approved mechanic by the same authority.

In case your vehicle is deemed to be unfit for circulating, you will have to make necessary repairs. A provisional fitness certificate with a 21 days validity period will be issued. You can then make necessary arrangements in the meantime. Thereafter, your vehicle will have to undergo the technical control inspection once again before the provisional certificate's expiry date.

Third party insurance

All motor vehicle owners are liable to any property damage, physical injury or death caused by their vehicle. Therefore, they are required to subscribe to a third party insurance. Passenger, driver, casco and legal protection insurance, on the other hand, are not mandatory.

Motor vehicles tax

The motor vehicles tax is paid to the Customs and Excise Department. In fact, this authority will notify you regarding the amount of tax to be paid before the vehicle's release. It is symbolized by a vignette which must be kept in the vehicle all the time as it will be requested upon traffic controls.

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