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If you are new to Luxembourg City and you have queries regarding the means of transport that are available, here are some tips to guide you.

Moving around Luxembourg City is very easy. In fact, Luxembourg's capital city hosts a developed transport network, including public buses, school buses, taxis, etc. You can also hire a taxi if you wish to travel privately, or a rent bike so as to be in line with the city's sustainable mobility program.


Luxembourg City's bus network is divided into two major categories: classic lines and special services. The capital city is currently served by a total of 27 regular bus routes. You can purchase short-term tickets, that are valid for two hours at € 2 from the bus driver. These are also available on pre-sale at € 16 for a ticket book. Long-term tickets, for their part, are available as from € 4 and from € 16 for 5 tickets. The long-term ticket is a valid for a day.

 Good to know:

Less than 12 years old children can travel by bus free of charge.

Free shuttle buses, night buses and bus-on-call are also available regularly or occasionally upon request. The “City Night Bus”, for instance, is available free of charge every Friday and Saturday from 9.30 pm to 3.30 am. The “City Shopping Bus”, which is available every 10 minutes, is especially ideal for shoppers as it is an alternative to the car in high traffic areas. You can just get down near your market or shopping mall and later catch the bus to go back.

Finally, the “Joker Bus” provides a shuttle service off peak hours in neighborhoods that are not served by regular bus routes. However, their schedules and stops are quite limited.

School buses

As regards school buses, these are provided by the Municipality of Luxembourg, as well as by private companies. The Municipality, for instance, provides transport facilities between different neighborhoods and the following schools: Limpertsberg, Geesseknäppchen and the European School I Kirchberg. The European School is served by 8 buses while high schools and technical schools are served by seven buses. Students attending the European School II in Bertrange travel by the Association de Transport Scolaire de l’Ecole Européenne.

Finally, transport for students attending post-basic education institutions is provided by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure's Department of Transport on grouped lines, that is from 950 to 981.


The “Call-a-Bus” service operates according to a particular schedule. Indeed, it is available from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to midnight and from 7 am to midnight for people with reduced mobility. Advance booking can be made by phone on the 4796-4797 from a minimum of 45 minutes and up to three weeks before the scheduled travel date and time. The bus fare is as follows: € 6 for the first passenger and € 3 as from the second passenger. Passengers traveling in a wheelchair and their travel companion will pay a reduced fair of € 2.


Special cycling trails have been set up around Luxembourg City so as to further encourage people to cycle. Hence, bike and motorbike parks and trails have also been built and these are free of charge. Vel'Oh, for its part, offers bike rental on a 24/7 basis in several districts. You can subscribe for an annual rental as from € 15 and for a weekly rental for € 1.


You can easily access to the taxi service in Luxembourg City, just like in the rest of the country. Advance booking by phone is possible. But you can also hire a taxi from the taxi stand. However, you will not be able to hire a taxi in the streets.


Local authorities are currently working on a tramway service project which should be available as from 2017. The first line will link Luxexpo to Pont Rouge. The full tramway network should be operational by 2021.

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