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When visiting Rome, it is normal to explore the city and experience diverse activities during ones free time. There are parks, museums, bars, restaurants - some specifically targeting families, friends or couple.

Family activities

If you have kids, the Il Museo dei Bambini di Rome is made for them. They can explore, cook and organise birthday celebrations there. The Bioparco, the zoo of Rome in Villa Borghese is also the ideal place for a family day out to see 1300 animals of 200 different mammal, bird, reptile and amphibian species.

On sunny days, have a picnic at one of the numerous Roman parks such as at Villa Borghese and go on the little train ride around the park in places like Villa Celimontana, la Villa Ada, Villa Pamphili, the parc of AQUEDUCS, Via Appia Antica. You can find several archaeological sites and bicycle renting shops for kids and grownups to ride on the path built by Romans, preserved in its original state.

Couple activities

Romance always comes to mind when in Rome with a significant other and the city does provide! Apart from restaurants in the city for a Romantic dinner, the picturesque locations of Rome, open day and night, are particularly attractive and numerous in the capital city - namely the Pincio, mounts Janicule and Aventin or Lo Zodiaco in Mounte Mario, the highest in Rome. Luxury hotels in the centre make their rooftops accessible as terraces to non-residents. Therefore you can enjoy a glass of wine recommended by the sommelier or a cocktail while admiring the sunset, for a more memorable experience. Here are a few references:

  • La Terrazza dei Papi at the Mecenate Hotel
  • Grand Hotel Minerve
  • Les Etoiles at Atlante Hotel
  • ARoma at Manfredi Hotel
  • Caffè Capitolino at the Capitole museum

Visiting the city at night is also an excellent idea. After dinner, the streets of the historical centre slowly empty themselves and provides the ideal time to tour the main locations and streets such as the Trevi fountain, the Pantheon or the quiet Via Margutta.

Group activities in Rome

It is easy to have a good time in the eternal city since activities among friends are readily available. There are many bars and clubs spread throughout the areas of Testaccio, Pigneto, San Lorenzo, Ponte Milvio and Monti. The secrets of Speakeasy such as The Race Club, The Barber Shop can be found on Via Labicana, the Jerry Thomas near the Campo de Fiori or the Spirito at Pigneto. It is common to end up having a drink or have the Aperitivo at Monti, Trastevere Piazza Bologna or San Lorenzo at the end of the day.

For music lovers, numerous auditorium and bars organise different concerts, namely at Black Market in Monti, Largo Venue and Na Cosetta in Pigneto, Angelo Mai near Themes de Caracalla and for the small venues, Palalottomatica and Atlantico at EUR, Auditorium Parco della Musica zone Flaminio, for the big ones.

During the summer weekend, drive or use the train to go to one of Latium beaches, such as Sperlonga, San Felice Circeo or Gaeta, or the Bracciano lake. The Castelli Romani are also loved, in summer and winter, for their traditional villages where you can eat regional dishes such as the porchetta. In October, a memorable celebration among friends is the Sagra dell’Uva di Marino, where you drink wine the whole weekend.

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