Finding work in Lyon
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France’s third-largest city, Lyon is situated at the crossroads between Northern and Southern Europe and remains one of France’s leading expat destinations. Bordered by the sea on one side and mountains on the other, the city has been attracting many expatriates over the years. Famed for its outstanding gastronomic scene, Lyon is also a city teeming with history. Having once been an important centre of silk weaving, today Lyon is home to the Interpol HQ while also boasting a thriving start-up scene, as well as major interests in technology, banking, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. For those looking to work in Lyon, this varied economic landscape is promising.

Lyon's economy and labour market

As France's third city, Lyon is a major economic and trade exchange hub. With an international outlook, Lyon is enjoying fast-paced development thanks to several dynamic sectors, particularly in services and trade.

With regards to the level of unemployment in Lyon, despite the national tendency, this remains rather low in Lyon. Indeed, statistics in recent years have consistently revealed a considerable increase in terms of recruitment, compared to other major cities. This applies to most sectors and especially to the young and highly qualified executives operating within them.

Promising fields in Lyon

You are more likely to be hired in the most dynamic sectors, which include:

  • Hospitality (including hotel and catering, especially waiters and clerks)

  • Health and Social Care (including maintenance agents, home help)

  • Trade

  • Manufacturing

  • Engineering

  • Pharmaceuticals

Given its relatively young labour market, young professionals are in demand in Lyon. However, experienced candidates are also made welcome, as big companies continuously require highly qualified and skilled candidates. O2, Boccard, Micropole, Orange, are just a few of the big companies that you will find in Lyon.

Finding a job in Lyon

Why not start your job search by sending spontaneous job applications to large companies operating across the city? This practice is common in France and is known as a candidature spontanée. Make sure to update your resume and cover letter according to French standards. You may also want to consider recruitment agencies, or simply call them to enquire whether the company you are planning to apply for matches your profile.

You can also browse job ads on the internet, thanks to several general and specialised job websites, as well as professional social networks. You may also want to register with temporary recruitment agencies, which may be of great help besides networking. You should also visit Lyon's official portal regularly keep up with the latest job vacancies.

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