Working in France as a Malaysian

Bonjour ! I am a Malaysian and I would like to work in France, specifically Lyon/Saint-Etienne for long-term. I am a bachelor degree holder (Early Childhood Care and Education) from Ireland, currently working in one of the international schools in Malaysia as a teaching assistant. I speak English, Malay and Chinese fluently. I just started to learn French few months ago. The main reason for me to consider working in France is because I have a French boyfriend living near to Lyon.

I hope I can get some advices for guidelines to look for a job, minimum level of French required in order to work in France etc. I would like to work in the field that is relating to children for example teacher assistant, second language teacher or after school activities teacher.

Thank you so much :)

Hello Xuxuan,

Did you finally found a job in France?
I'm from Malaysia too, wanted to move to France for my boyfriend as well.

Could you please share with me your experiences, thanks!

Hope to hear from you soon,

Nice day :)


You have posted on an old (2016) inactive thread.


Thank you for the reply :)
Yes, I do realize it was an old post dated in 2016, I was hoping the user is still active and able to give me some info or simply share with me he experience.

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