Moving yo Lyon, looking for a job

Ok,? New to this, I live and work in London. Im moving to Lyon in March 2011 to be with my girlfriend, as she just got a job there. We have been planning this for months as this would be a good choice to start as there’s a large expat community for English people like myself. Unfortunately i’m finding it very difficult in finding a job in Lyon. Does anyone know of any recruitment companies etc that deal in hospitality. I managed bars and restaurants for years but regrettably the language barrier isn’t helping. I am studying French etc but time is ticking. So if anyone has any help, advise please help. Thank you in advance.

i am in the same situacion..

Welcome to the forum both of you :)

For job opportunities in Lyon you can also post an advert on the Lyon  Classifieds Page Category>Jobs.

Wish you all the best for your career.


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