About Martinique

The Caribbean island of Martinique is an Overseas French Territory located between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean.

Expats with free time in Martinique will have plenty options. Fort-de-France is the capital city, and the narrow winding streets are full of surprises for the curious minds. One can visit the markets, pull up a chair at a café and watch the world go by, admire the hummingbirds in one of the beautiful public parks and gardens, or marvel at Martinique’s spectacular architecture. The island has stunning landscapes, with rainforests, mountains, and beaches, but is perhaps most well-known for its picturesque harbours.

Martinique is hot and humid, and temperatures vary between 23°C and 29°C. From June to October, the island experiences the rainy season, which also slows down tourism activities.

The population’s heritage is French and Creole. However, for short periods in the past, the island was occupied by the Spanish and later by the English. Today, Martinique is relying on aid from Paris, but at the same time, it has a very high standard of living when compared to other countries in the region.

The two main industries in Martinique are tourism and agriculture. For the latter, bananas, flowers, and sugarcane are amongst the biggest exports. There is a high rate of unemployment in the country, and due to a trade deficit, the island is heavily reliant on aid from France.

The primary languages are French and Creole Patois, so expats who are looking for jobs in Martinique should be able to speak at least French.