Living and Working in Martinique

Hi everybody.
I welcome replies in english or french.
I am doing some research on living and working in martinique and would be grateful of some personal experiences.
what kind of job opportunities are there?
how does climate affect life and work?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of living and working in martinique?

Salut tout le monde.
J'accueille des réponses en anglais ou français.
Je fais quelque recherche sur vivre et le travail à Martinique je voudrais quelques expériences personnelles.
Quel type des travail il y a ?
Comment le climat affecte-t-il la vie et le travail ?
Quels sont les avantages et les inconvénients de vivre et de travail à Martinique?

Hi, I too am looking for work in Martinique.  I haven't had any luck for work.  I am trying figure out how to even look for work there. 
Do you think there are English speaking jobs there?
I'm not sure if I can handle low paid manual labor as I am 50 years old.
Best of luck to you.

Anybody starting a tourism business and needs an active, hard-working, multi-talented partner, let me know please. I have experience in communicating and working with people at all levels and across disciplines within organizations.
I moved from Slovenia to Costa Rica where I have managed a private tourist resort but miss the European culture and eying Martinique. A house-sitting position would be ideal to begin with. Saludos desde Costa Rica!


you can always start in the school system (public and private schools as well) as an english or spanish teacher in primary schools here.
It's a Just Over Broke situation, but easy and leave you time visit and to find something better.

Otherwise, create your own business. Import anything from the States, help, propose your american expertise, translate, it pays here.


Could somebody post some URLs of job sites regarding Martinique? Also something where free classifieds to look for business cooperation can be places. Thank you very much in advance!

Hi and welcome on board Peter_D!

You can try Martinique classifieds maybe :whistle:



Right :-) Found it after posting... But still interested in job sites from recruiters.

Best regards

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