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Wondering where to settle in Santa Ana and how to find accommodation? Find out in this article.

Santa Ana is one of the small cities and villages that make up San Jose's metropolitan region. Located in the West of the capital city, it has a population of some 10,000 inhabitants. Santa Ana is an unparalleled dynamic city, even at night. Years ago, it used to be popular for its production of ceramics and pottery.

If you wish to settle there, you are likely to enjoy a calm and pleasant atmosphere, consisting of several residential areas and providing a range of accommodation options. So what are you waiting for to get started?


Santa Ana's urban landscape consists of several apartment buildings, secure communities, shopping malls, as well as modern office parks, restaurants and many leisure infrastructures and facilities. Given that the city is very attractive towards foreigners, you will also find many groceries and family food chains that offer imported products, as well as specialized bookshops where you can find books in other languages than Spanish.

Moreover, you can find clinics, dental cabinets (especially due to medical tourism), and many other facilities. However, the cost of living in Santa Ana is slightly higher than in other Costa Rican cities.

 Good to know:

Besides all this, Santa Ana is accessible via the Highway 27 through which you can reach the country's main airport within half an hour, beaches within an hour, and San Jose's city center within twenty minutes. However, the city center's two-lane main road generally suffers from traffic jam during peak hours.

Rent prices

Santa Ana is more or less deemed to be an upscale city, since it attracts foreigners worldwide, in search of modernity and genuine Pura Vida. Therefore, you are very likely to find modern and luxurious apartments and houses across the city. So if you are browsing housing offers on the Internet, you will probably be surprised by rent prices in this city. In general, you will not find modern apartments for less than US$ 1,000 per month.

As Santa Ana is located near Escazu, which is another posh city, rent prices are not likely to go down. Hence, you are advised to think twice before believing that you will be able to make some savings while living there.

Find accommodation

Housing offers, of course, are available on the Internet and in classified ads in local newspapers. But registering with a real estate agency will help you find accommodation according to your criteria and budget more easily. You can as well view our Housing section to check out current offers.

Moreover, the municipality of Santa Ana can also be of great help during your accommodation search. As it is, there is no lack of real estate professionals in Santa Ana.

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