professional networking
Updated 6 months ago

Whether you arrive with a signed contract ready to go or you hope to find a job on arrival, you will certainly be looking to build a professional network in Seoul. The following information can help with that!

Use existing contacts

Changing countries does not mean that suddenly all your business contacts become obsolete. Seoul is a developed city where many international companies have already settled, so it’s not impossible that one of your existing contacts can put you in touch with someone from their own network - helping you to make a start.

University networks in Seoul

For those who have had the chance to study in Seoul, a natural network exists - whether that be contacts you have already made or via the network of alumni. The majority of Koreans have a strong sense of community, and it is not uncommon to get help simply because you belonged to the same course or university.

Trade shows, conferences and training in Seoul

Not content with simply being educational, these events will also connect you with people in your field - whether by meeting other registrants or connecting with the speakers at the event.

You will probably find foreign communities more easily accessible to you than local ones, partly because of the language barrier, and partly because of the community support available for those who have come from abroad.

Chambers of Commerce in Seoul

The Chambers of Commerce in France, Belgium and Europe hold regular events, bringing together various local and international players from Seoul. It is easy to find the calendars of all the Chambers of Commerce meetings on their respective websites.

Far from the awkward social encounters that these meetings might suggest, they can take the form of hikes, parties, bowling, etc., meaning you can make great social and professional links while having fun. Unfortunately, the price of these events can be a little off-putting, rarely being less than 30,000 won and up to 100,000 won a night.

Social networks

When it comes to networking, the first social network that comes to the fore is LinkedIn, but don’t underestimate the connections you could make using less professional networks such as Instagram and Facebook.

In fact, expatriate Facebook groups in Seoul are very active, and you may also find job offers and outings that could open doors for you professionally and socially. South Korea has relatively few foreigners, creating a very well-connected social circle. Take advantage of this close network of like-minded residents and get involved! Don't forget about's Seoul forum which is another precious networking tool.

Get outside your comfort zone

To build your professional network, you will often need to start with a social network first and foremost. In Seoul, many meetings between expatriates take place during outings or organised evenings, especially for young expatriates. Once again, meeting fellow foreigners is easier and can be more spontaneous and natural thanks to the sense of belonging to the adventure that is expatriation in South Korea. That being said, don’t neglect the chance to attend dinners - or propose one yourself! In Seoul, these kinds of event are much more than just recreational outings - they are the chance to further connections, make new professional links and even do business.

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