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Kuala Lumpur is a large city with many suburbs and neighbourhoods that can feel as different as stepping in a different country. Thus, where you choose to live depends on what you are looking for in a neighbourhood, whether it is good schools, exciting nightlife or simply the shortest commute to work. The city is generally quite safe, regardless of where you live. Nevertheless, apartments, condos and expat neighbourhoods tend to be gated and have security teams round the clock.

Mont Kiara and Sri Hartamas

Mont Kiara is an affluent neighbourhood outside of the city that consists of houses, bungalows and luxury condominiums. The area is popular for its international schools and its relative isolation from the city. Many long term residents choose this area for the bubble of comfort it provides. There are numerous shopping malls, spas and entertainment hubs. However, Mont Kiara isn't easily accessible by public transport due to its remoteness and having a car is a requirement for anyone who needs to commute. Residents have designated parking spaces and the area is very safe, thanks to gated compounds and a generally family-friendly atmosphere.

Sri Hartamas sits on the border of Mont Kiara and is often thought as an extension of this neighbourhood. Sri Hartamas has a number of high rise condos that are on the pricey side. Yet, the constant development of property means that there are plenty of unoccupied apartments and room to negotiate for a better deal. Residents of Sri Hartamas also have access to Publika, a shopping mall and social hub where many art festivals and concerts take place. The constant development around the area, however, means that there is noise pollution.


Bangsar is another favourite due to its lively atmosphere and community spirit. Bangsar's Jalan Telawi area is full of eclectic cafes, quaint shops and hip restaurants. The area is inhabited by foreigners and locals alike, creating a blend of cultures. Properties tend to be houses or bungalows with a few serviced apartments in recent development. The area is served by Pantai Hospital, favoured by expats. However, there are no schools around. Bangsar is prized for its calm and security.


Taman Tun Dr. Ismael (TTDI) is a neighbourhood where there are houses and low-rise gated communities. It is known for how spacious properties tend to be, with parks and green areas that make the quality of life enviable. The area is inhabited by a majority of locals but some expats have called TTDI home over the years. Apartment rental prices start from RM2,000 onwards. The area is connected to the bus network and is perhaps well-suited for those seeking to get away from the fast pace of the city.

Damansara Heights

Damansara Heights is another affluent area neighbouring Mont Kiara and Bangsar. It is prized for the beautiful views of the city due to its proximity to KLCC. Rental prices begin upwards of RM3,000, making it relatively expensive. Damansara Heights is, however, a comfortable, calm and safe area with excellent accessibility, justifying the price point. The area contains international schools and the concentration of family makes it one of the more pleasant spots for locals and foreigners alike.


The heart of KL, KCC is a fast-paced, never-sleeping area where businesses and high rise condominiums huddle next to cultural hotspots and impressive landmarks. KLCC is the most expensive area in the city. The area is connected to the public transport system, contains several international schools and is located within the shopping district of KL. Parking spaces are limited while traffic and the resulting noise pollution remain an issue for residents and those who commute there for work. The area is suited to young professionals who don't mind living in a smaller apartment and want to make the best of the city nightlife. KLCC is home to many highly reviewed restaurants and bars.

The above neighbourhood guide provides an indication of a number of expat-friendly areas. Yet, it is not an exhaustive list and you should keep an open mind to other options. New property development around the city means that there are more affordable options in areas that aren't as affected by pollution or construction noise. Your real estate agent may be able to help you find a gem in an area that hasn't been listed or reviewed by foreigners. They might also have good insight into schools and community spaces that will help you decide where to call home, once you move to Kuala Lumpur.

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