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Looking for a job in the Senegalese capital city? Here are some tips to guide you throughout your search.

Dakar is not only the Senegalese capital city but also that of the province bearing the same name. It stretches over some 550 km² and hosts, to date, some 1.05 million inhabitants, that is 25% of the whole country's population. Moreover, 80% of Senegal's economic activities take place in Dakar, which is hence qualified as being the economic hub.

 Good to know:

Dakar was formerly West Africa's capital city thanks to its strategic location and key economic role. It now holds a rich French colonial history. In fact, being located in Western Africa, on the Cap Verde peninsula, Dakar is a real mixture of African and European cultures.


Dakar has a dynamic economy with an exponential growth. This is supported by the draft Integrated Special Economic Zone which will soon be set up at some 45 km from the city. In fact, Dakar is described as being a trade platform for the West African region. Its economy is based on the following pillars: industry, services, tourism, new technologies, etc., as well as its port sector.

Moreover, Dakar hosts most of the country's chemical plants, such as Industries Chimiques du Senegal, textile and food industries, as well as building material, wood, furniture and refining industries like the Societé Africaine de Raffinement.

Labor market

Technology is now one of Dakar economy's key factors, hence providing many job opportunities. The city also hosts many telecommunication service providers, small businesses, as well as entrepreneurs. Dakar is also part of many economic projects such as Jokkolabs, which is an international group work space for African and European entrepreneurs and professionals.

The Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport, for its part, plays an important role in the tourism field, not to mention hotels. Note that the country also hosts numerous cultural events organized in the capital, namely Dak'Art, the St Louis International Festival Jazz, etc.). Finally, the services sector regroups many companies and their head offices, as well as banks, airline companies, food industries, as well as Orange which is the main telecommunications service provider.

 Good to know:

Remember that there is a fierce competition between locals and foreigners on the local labor market. Therefore, you are more likely to be hired if you have skills and the experience required by particular fields. Moreover, some jobs are restricted to locals only.

Find a job

Unless you have been transferred to Dakar by your company to its Senegalese branch, there are various ways to search for a job there. Internet will undeniably be your best tool. You can not only start networking but also view job offers on general and specialized websites, as well as on professional social networks such as Linked In and Viadeo where you can even post your resume.

If you are already on the spot, you can as well view job offers in local newspapers. Otherwise, registering with a recruitment agency will help you find a job according to your profile more rapidly. There are many recruitment agencies across Dakar.

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