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Are you moving to Thies? You will probably have to find a job there. Find useful information on the recruiting sectors in this article.

Thies is found at 70 km from Dakar, in the west of Senegal. It is divided into three main regions, namely Mbour, Thies and Tivaouane and is deemed to be a railway junction between Dakar, Saint-Louis, Kaolack, Tambacounda and Mali. Hence, Thies is a very active city, offering many career opportunities to foreigners wishing to settle there. But before moving, make sure to have inquired on its economic situation and on its labor market's requirements.

 Good to know:

Being Senegal's second largest city, it is known to be the country's craft and cultural center.


Thies is rich in iron ore, attapulgite, phosphate mines, as well as other natural resources such as basalt, limestone, etc. In fact, these are abundant in the city and in its surroundings. Thies also hosts battery manufacturing industries as well as crafts and arts industries which greatly contribute to its economic dynamism. You are also likely to find many food, canning and mineral water industries, as well as an ice cream manufacturing factory and a livestock production factory.

Moreover, Thies comprises a crafts village specializing in various fields, namely wood, animal skin, leather, weaving, etc. As regards agriculture, it mainly focuses on the growth of vegetables and fruits in Niayes, peanuts and cassava, etc., in the city center and in the South. In Mbour, cattle breeding is the most active business.

Find a job

Unless you have been transferred to Thies by your company to its local branch, there are various ways to find a job there. You can start by sending spontaneous job applications to companies operating across the city and giving them a phone call to make sure that they have received your application.

You can also view job offers on the Internet, particularly on professional social networks such as Linked In and Viadeo, and inquire on international expatriate forums.

 Useful links:

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