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Are you looking for a job in Kaolack? Here is an overview of its labor market.

Unlike Dakar, which is the Senegalese capital city, Kaolack is less known to the rest of the world except for those who are very familiar with the country. In fact, Kaolack is one of the major Senegalese cities after Dakar and along with Saint Louis, Thies and Ziguinchor. The city is quite open to foreigners seeking professional opportunities. Kaolack is a bustling and vibrant city with many projects underway. But before moving there, it is best to inquire on its labor market and on skills required.


Kaolack has a developing economy consisting of the following sectors: agriculture and processing, trade, farming, fishing etc. Moreover, two major development projects are currently ongoing and should extend to the surrounding areas. In fact, local authorities aim at creating a business incubator in the city so as to encourage more and more investment in the region, especially in terms of small and medium enterprises.

Moreover, Kaolack should soon host its own university, already named Sine-Saloum. Courses which will be provided by this university will focus namely on agricultural trades, livestock and fisheries.

Labor market

Although agricultural is Kaolack's main economic pillar, you are also likely to be hired in many other fields. Hence, during your job search, you can contact the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Kaolack, the Decentralization and Local Development Support Office, which is a research and social engineering office, etc.

Else, you can contact NGOs such as CARITAS Kaolack which is very active in African countries, not to mention logistics companies such as Senegal Bolloré Africa Logistics.

Find a job

You can start your job search by sending spontaneous job applications to local and international firms operating in the region. You can also view job offers on the Internet and in classified ads in local newspapers if you are already on the spot. But you are less likely to find recruitment agencies in Kaolack as in the rest of the country, except in Dakar.

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