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From China to Singapore : A Finnish mom in a multicultural melting pot
From China to Singapore : A Finnish mom in a ...
Milla is a mother to two — a 10-year old boy and an 8-year old girl. Originally from Finland, she moved to Singapore one and a half years ago when she decided to support her husband in his new job. Nowadays, she is a homemaker and an avid blogger.
How expats celebrate the New Year around the world
How expats celebrate the New Year around the ...
The new year is just around the corner, and people in different parts of the world are getting ready to celebrate it. For many, it is the ideal time to get together with family and friends, and for others — such as the expats — it is an opportunity to discover different traditions and cultural celebrations. Expat.com has spoken to expats, who haven't returned to their home country, and has asked them to share how they are planning to spend the first hours of the new year.
Spending Christmas away from home can be fun
Spending Christmas away from home can be fun
It is this time of the year again — the dispute over the Christmas tree, the endless shopping list, and Mariah Carey's hit in the background. But this year you are more of an observant than a participant in this hilarity. You are away from home — an expat in a foreign country — and when everything around you is about family and the people we love, you feel low and melancholic. Turn off your Facebook notifications (Facebook is argued to boost feelings of sadness and loneliness), and let us inspire you for a very merry Christmas away from home.
Distance learning: The world is your classroom
Distance learning: The world is your ...
Living abroad can be a great adventure — especially when you are young. Moving to a foreign country comes with many challenges and rewards — an original lifestyle, new friends, unique culture, and new habits. It's also an excellent excuse for you to discover the contemporary way of learning (aka distance learning), and prepare from wherever with access to the Internet for your future job in who-knows-where. Find out more about distance learning from Aurelien, a French expat and digital student in Australia.
Dutch retired expat couple living the adventure in Kuala Lumpur
Dutch retired expat couple living the ...
Frank and Francien come from the Netherlands. In 1986, Frank joined an American multinational in South Africa, and for 35 years he was enjoying the prosperities of an international career. Since his retirement in 2015, Frank and his wife Francien have been living an exciting adventure in the vibrant capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.
How to develop a social and professional network in Malta
How to develop a social and professional ...
Sunny weather, relaxed lifestyle and entrepreneurial mindset — Malta is well on its way to becoming one of Europe's top expat destinations, attracting affluent foreigners, expats, and well-travelled professionals looking to not only reside permanently on the island but also develop a professional network.
From Switzerland to Frankfurt: A British expat in Germany
From Switzerland to Frankfurt: A British ...
Originally from the UK, Oliver spent a few years in Switzerland before moving to Frankfurt following a job offer. He shares with Expat.com his love for the city's liveliness, far from bustling Munich and Berlin, and his appreciation of Frankfurt's nice weather.
Top Ten Fun Things to Do in Malta
Top Ten Fun Things to Do in Malta
Travelling is a lot about enriching your personal experience and indulging into adventure. Malta is a destination that has something special to offer to all avid travellers. Built on rich history, cherished with wonderful festivals, and exceptional recreational resorts, the island has something for everyone to see no matter what their taste.
Working Holiday Visa: All you need to know before applying
Working Holiday Visa: All you need to know ...
If you have been dreaming about moving abroad to discover new cultures with the possibility of working, the Working Holiday Visa (WHV) could be meant for you. Discover the benefits of the WHV with Expat.com if you are aged 18 to 31.
Sarah in Texas: Life of a British expat in Texas, USA
Sarah in Texas: Life of a British expat in ...
Sarah moved from Northern Ireland to Houston, Texas, three and a half years ago. The British expat shares her everyday life in the USA with Expat.com and talks about what makes Houston a good place to live in.
Freelancer Expat: Double Delight
Hong Kong
Freelancer Expat: Double Delight
Expatriation involves a great deal of adventure and uncertainty. Freelance work too, comes with a lot of freedom, flexibility, and creativity — all leading to an unconventional reality that can make or break you. Moving abroad is already a challenge when there's a solid employment contract waiting for you, let alone when there's no company, support network of colleagues, and steady income. But you know with all your heart that freelancing is what you want to be doing, and you want to be doing it abroad. Here are a few things to consider before you pack your laptop.  
Discover street art in Buenos Aires
Discover street art in Buenos Aires
Argentina is a Latin American country where European culture is notably evident, blending with the country's breathtaking landscapes and variable climate. Being the financial and cultural heart of the country, Buenos Aires caters for a pleasant lifestyle to expatriates. It's been a few years since Buenos Aires has also become the capital of street art.
Kate in Zurich:
Kate in Zurich: "The quality of life here is ...
Kate comes from Washington. She fell in love with Switzerland 10 years ago during a train ride. Following a two years stay in London, she finally moved to Zurich in 2014 with her husband and two daughters. In this Interview, she shares her views about life in Switzerland.
Top 5 things to do in Malta
Top 5 things to do in Malta
If you are looking forward to relocate in Malta, you will probably want to explore the country during your leisure time. Expat.com is providing you with an overview of the best attractions in Malta.
Amanda in Athens:
Amanda in Athens: "There is an amazing ...
Amanda comes from the USA. She has lived in Derby, Brooklyn and Washington before moving to Greece following her husband's job posting. In this Interview, she shares her views about life in Greece.
Jasmine in Bergamo:
Jasmine in Bergamo: "The lifestyle ...
Jasmine comes from Edmonton where she used to be a pharmacist. She moved to Italy two years ago to teach English. Nowadays, she lives in Bergamo with her Italian husband. In this Interview, she shares her views about life in Italy.
Andrew: "Malaysia is a salad bowl - there ...
Andy describes himself as a third culture kid, born in the Philippines to Scottish and Filipino parents. He grew up in Saudi Arabia and studies in Scotland, and then went to teach in Vietnam following his studies. Nowadays, he lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Rey in Yokohama:
Rey in Yokohama: "The Japanese are the ...
Rey comes from New Jersey but has lived in different States. Following his retirement, he moved to Yokohama three years ago with his Japanese wife. Nowadays, he enjoys writing and publishing his articles about Japan online.