Rossella tells us about post-ERASMUS life in Portugal

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  • Lisbona / IntoTheRoss
  • Lisbona / IntoTheRoss
Published 2020-08-13 07:40

“I travel, write, eat and talk too much”. Rossella has been living in Lisbon for the past four years now. The young content writer decided to remain in the country after her Erasmus experience.

Tell us a little about yourself, where do you come from and how long ago did you leave Italy?

Hi, my name is Rossella, I'm 29, and I've been living in Lisbon for 4!I'm a freelancer, I talk too much and love to write.

What are the reasons for your move to Portugal?

I came to Portugal for the Erasmus Placement (the possibility that universities give to be able to do an internship abroad) and I never left! I loved this city right from the start, the idea of ​​staying there flashed through my head when I was about to finish my internship and I said to myself "why not try it?".

What was the first sensation you felt when you arrived in Lisbon?

I was fascinated. Lisbon was my first trip alone, thanks to this city, I got out of my comfort zone. I was fascinated, yes, but at the same time I was so, so afraid!

Did you have difficulty adapting and how did you overcome them?

At first a bit, like everyone else I think, but the thing that surprised me is how in reality I immediately felt at home here!

At the beginning I thought several times about going home, giving up everything but I am stubborn person, so I wanted to try. Now I can say what I have learned: asking for help, especially at the beginning is essential!

What do you do and what impact has the COVID-19 health emergency had on your professional activity?

This is a good question because I had decided to change jobs at the beginning of the pandemic.

There were several moments in which I wondered what was the right choice, whether to go back or whether to continue along the path I had decided to take. I went on even though I don't deny that I spent several days a bit so-so.

Do you write a blog, what is it called and when did you start writing it?

Yay! My blog is called Intotheross, for years I wanted my own online space to be able to help but also tell a thousand adventures, things that can be useful to others.

I made up my mind about a year and a half ago, at the beginning of 2019!

What topics do you cover in the blog?

Intotheross is me. I'm talking about Lisbon, my expat life, some personal reflections, books, films. There is also a slightly tougher topic, the story of my illness, Hodgkin's lymphoma I had a few years ago. I think talking about it is important to help all those people who are now in the situation I was in!

In recent months, have you noticed an increase in the cost of living in Lisbon?

Actually I believe that the cost of living in Lisbon has increased in recent years. The most expensive thing right now here is the ratio of monthly salary to the cost of rent.

What is the atmosphere in the streets of Lisbon right now? Do people respect health regulations to avoid coronavirus infections?

In general, yes. Portugal has lived through the health emergency quite well, there has been an increase in cases from phase 2 onwards and restrictions have been developed later. However, I noticed a constant control by those in charge but also a rather fair behavior by the citizens.

Have you ever thought about leaving Portugal following the pandemic?

I'll be honest, no. Although several times I have thought a lot more about what it means to be distant.

I thought of my family, of not being able to take a plane the next day to hug them. But at the moment I know that my life is here even if I am open to "in life you never know".