COVID-19: The situation in China today

Published 2020-03-17 14:59

Is the worst behind us in China? It surely seems like the country is recovering from the COVID-19 outbreak and ready to tackle the aftermath. Here is everything expats and expats-to-be need to know about China’s situation today.

11. This is the number of infections China has recorded on the 17th of March. An incredible drop in the number of new infections recorded just weeks after the country was at its peak of the outbreak. In all, 80, 754 confirmed cases and 3, 136 deaths from the novel coronavirus.

The challenge for China now is getting back on its feet after having been knocked down for over a month because of the outbreak but also preventing any other imported cases into the country. As a result, the Chinese government and local authorities are keeping tabs on international arrivals. Indeed, a minimal amount of flights are being allowed in China and anyone coming from abroad is being quarantined at their own expense for a period of 14 days in Beijing and other major airports. Flights scheduled to land at Daxing International Airport have also been diverted to the Beijing Capital International Airport and a special area has been designed to welcome passengers from these flights. Safety checks have also been tightened at airports.

While it is becoming increasingly safe to travel to China, the Chinese government is discouraging travel right now in order to prevent imported cases. Authorities are so concerned over the threat of imported cases that in the province of Guangxi, they are offering up to $1,428 to anyone who would provide information on someone who was not abiding by the quarantine regulations.

Were you planning to settle in China?

If you were planning to settle in China , you have to bear in mind that you will be entering the country at your own risk. Expenses incurred during the quarantine will also be at your own cost. If you are scheduled to start a new position in the country, it is advisable that you contact your employers before making the move. While businesses have started operating again, one needs to bear in mind that the government is discouraging entry into the country right now.

If, on the other hand, you were planning to start studying in China, it is important to bear in mind that most schools and universities are still closed and that measures will likely be taken regarding international students who could be starting late.

Furthermore, as institutions all around the country are slowly getting back to work, a lot of embassies are still not operating and you might not get any assistance if you are planning to move to the country right now.

What is everyday life like in China today?

Life is getting back to normal in most of China today. In the biggest cities, bars, restaurants, businesses and public places are open and public transport is running as usual- although maybe slower because of the fewer tourists.

Schools and universities have reopened in the south-western provinces. Most people are back at work and the institutions have started operating again in most of China’s biggest cities.