The most family-friendly cities

Published on 2020-02-07 at 11:49
Movinga, a company which specializes in moving families abroad, has just published the results of their study on how family-friendly 150 cities around the world are. They took into consideration a total of 16 factors including quality of life in the city and the country, the unemployment levels, the quality of air, healthcare, safety, parental leave... Here are the top 5 best countries for families.


Helsinki is the most family-friendly city in the world according to Movinga. And, this is quite frankly not a surprise. Nordic countries are known to have a good education system, good quality of life and are especially known for their avant-gardiste positions towards parental leaves. Indeed, employees in Finland are entitled to 1190 days of parental leave to be split between both parents- this is the most any country offers. While slightly expensive, Helsinki offers incredible quality of life with a good education and healthcare system.


Canada is one of the most expat-friendly around the world and is also one of the most sought after expat destinations. And, it does seem that families are also very much welcome to the country and especially to French-speaking Quebec. The cost of living is affordable, the education system has been rated better than Helsinki, Finland and the healthcare system is also adequate. Furthermore, employees benefit from 364 days of parental leave.


The second Nordic city in the top 5 is Oslo, in Norway. Once again, the legendary quality of life of Nordic countries makes the difference. More affordable than Finland, Norway also provides quality education and healthcare. Again, Norway nails it when it comes to parental leave offering 707 days a year to split between both parents. Oslo also has very low unemployment levels.


Germany ranks very high for its availability as well as its education system. With a slight drop regarding its ratings on healthcare compared to the first three cities of this top 5, Munich still manages to force its way into the top 5 thanks to the activities available for children and its effective transport system.


A whopping three Nordic cities in all in this top 5! And Copenhagen is considered the safest of all cities in this top 5 as well as the city having the best transport system. Add a quality education and healthcare system to that and you get… a well-deserved fifth place. If you're curious, employees in Denmark are allowed 364 days of parental leave, also to be split between both parents… not bad, right?