The free mobile apps revolutionising expatriation

Published 2019-08-22 13:05

Gone are the days where the only way expats had to keep in touch with their relatives back home were letters that could take weeks and at times, months. Technology is revolutionising expatriation. In this piece, focuses on the mobile apps that you should not miss out on.

Communicating with your loved ones

Living in another country does not mean your relationship with your relatives and loved ones living back home has to or will change. There are so many ways to communicate for free with anyone anywhere in the world. 

And two of the main mobile applications that allow you to do so are:

WhatsApp, allows you to call and send free messages to anyone who also has the app

Skype allows you to make video calls.

Learning your host country’s language or translating easily

One of the main challenges you could meet while living abroad is the language barrier. Depending on the reason for your move, your need to learn the language can be more or less important. While there are apps that can help you to learn the language, other apps can also help you with a quick translation for your everyday needs.

Duolingo, is an application that allows you to learn a new language in a very fun way and for free!

Google translate allows you to quickly translate anything to 103 languages. The application also allows to listen to the text which has been translated to facilitate communication. The application can also translate the text detected in a photo.

Wordreference is an online dictionary that allows you to easily translate and get the definition of a word.

Transferring money without ending up broke

Bank to bank transfers remain pretty expensive, the alternative would be to go through transfer platforms at a lower cost, here are some of them:

Paypal, easy and convenient, the application allows you to send money at very low cost.

TransferWise is one of the most interesting platforms for making transfers abroad.

Taking care of the healthcare woes

Another potential issue when you’re abroad is healthcare. The language barrier can be an issue to finding the right medication and these could be marketed differently.

Convert Drugs, allows you to find your medication around the world and can also put you in touch with health professionals. The free version is quite limited, however.

Making friends

Whether you're looking to meet locals or other expats, there are several applications that make it easy to meet people abroad:

Meetup, whether you are passionate about music or sports, the Meetup application allows you to meet people with the same interests or who just want to socialize.

Mater, if you have trouble getting used to the local culture or looking to people from your diaspora or, on the other hand, to meet locals or other expats from around the world, Mater facilitates dating or friendship expats.