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Jasmine in Bergamo:
Jasmine in Bergamo: "The lifestyle emphasizes living and spending time with friends and family"
Jasmine comes from Edmonton where she used to be a pharmacist. She moved to Italy two years ago to teach English. Nowadays, she lives in Bergamo with her Italian husband. In this Interview, she shares her views about life in Italy.
Andrew: "Malaysia is a salad bowl - there are hundreds of ethnicities and sub-ethnicities, religions, cultures and influences"
Andy describes himself as a third culture kid, born in the Philippines to Scottish and Filipino parents. He grew up in Saudi Arabia and studies in Scotland, and then went to teach in Vietnam following his studies. Nowadays, he lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Rey in Yokohama:
Rey in Yokohama: "The Japanese are the epitome of living a disciplined lifestyle"
Rey comes from New Jersey but has lived in different States. Following his retirement, he moved to Yokohama three years ago with his Japanese wife. Nowadays, he enjoys writing and publishing his articles about Japan online.
Karin in Fort Wayne:
Karin in Fort Wayne: "The amount of vast, open space in the USA still is the most impressive experience for me"
Karin was born in Germany but traveled the world with her parents during her childhood. Many years later, she met an American national to whom she got married. Both now live in Fort Wayne where she works as a Senior Programmer Analyst.
Danica in Cuenca:
Danica in Cuenca: "Ecuadorians are very family, community, and church oriented"
Danica comes from Canada. She has stayed in the USA and in Mexico for several years before traveling Europe. Retired, she now lives in Ecuador with her husband. In this Interview, she talks about her everyday life in Cuenca.
Phillip in Oman: "It is a beautiful country with many hidden gems"
Phillip comes from South Africa. He moved to Muscat four years ago following a job offer. In this Interview, he talks about his everyday life in Oman and shares his passion for traveling and photography.
Karen in Pune:
Karen in Pune: "People are so warm, welcoming and caring"
Karen was born in Ireland but has lived for long in Stratford upon Avon, England. She moved to India, 18 months ago, with her husband following his job posting. Nowadays, she teaches voluntarily in Pune.
Jane in Yangon:
Jane in Yangon: "If you love to travel to see nature, travel everywhere in Myanmar!"
Indonesian and married to a Burmese man met in U.S, Jane decided to live in Myanmar with him. From the economical capital, she gives us her vision of this multicultural country and unfortunately too much unknown.
Jane in Mersin:
Jane in Mersin: "The locals are still the most welcoming people on earth"
Jane comes from Sydney. Married to a Turk, she has been visiting their family in Turkey for years before finally deciding to move to Mersin in 2012. In this Interview, she tells us about her daily life in her new home.
Buying property abroad: the most attractive destinations
Buying property abroad: the most attractive destinations
In the latest HSBC Expat Explorer report published on Wednesday, September 21, 2016, many expatriates who have invested in property abroad share their views regarding real estate investment.
Timothy in Nice:
Timothy in Nice: "I am amazed by the high quality of life in France"
Tim comes from the USA where he used to be a development and finance specialist. In 2005, he moved to France with his partner Michael. He settled in Nice in 2013 after spending a few years in Paris.
Rebecca in Fiji:
Rebecca in Fiji: "We fell in love with the place, the people and the rural atmosphere"
Rebecca discovered Fiji Islands during her honeymoon and fell literally in love with this paradise on earth. Since 20 years, she lives there, on Taveuni, the third largest island over the 300 that compose the country. She gives us her expat testimony through this interview.
Real estate market in London - current market trends
Real estate market in London - current market trends
If you're moving to London, you're probably preparing your planned monthly budget. One of the biggest expenses you'll encounter will be the rent, as the real estate market in London might get a bit costly...
Lisa in China:
Lisa in China: "The locals are very friendly, family-oriented and welcoming"
Lisa comes from South Africa where she worked as a teacher. In 2013, she was offered a new job in China. She stayed in Rizhao for three years until she moved to Shenzhen recently.