Best bakery in Riyadh

   I am visiting Riyadh this July. My mom's birthday is on the 5th. If you guys could guide me to the best bakery in Riyadh that takes custom order cakes or even ready make cakes would be great. Also let me know if they deliver and where they are located. One more question does anybody know if customs at the airport would charge any duty or fees for the New Dell Laptop (Packed in box) that i am bringing from Canada for my uncle?

1) I know of Saaduddin (khurais, thalateen), king pastry (takhasusi), Wooden Bakery (khurais) and French Corner (dabbab st) (all very good). Believe it or not, Baskin Robbins has some amazing cakes too! No idea about delivery
2) I believe yes, unless you can get it out of the box and bring it in a laptop bag or something.

Diplomatic Backery has awesome cakes/ pastries.

You can bring your laptop provided that you bring it in a laptop bag and hand carry not luggage.

since it is summer, probably the best cake your mom can have is an ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins. But if you prefer the regular cake, i recommend Saadeddin Pastries.

I would also recommended saadeddin.

Is there any way i can get the pricing? And how can i knw if they deliver it or not?

There are more options online and they do indicate prices and delivery options. You may type any given names or type cake shop and the city you will be visiting it's so easy

Munch bakery makes the best red velvet cake. They do not deliver. Also, every dessert i have had at the french bakery on Takhassusi rd. is delicious and the Chef is more than happy to make a custom cake. The best Ice cream cake is at Dairy Queen. Also, Annie & Daani have delicious cheese cakes. Last but not least there is a girl on Instagram who makes cakes and can have them delivered for a fee her account is ruby_bakery. Hope this helps.

Kaaki Bakeries indeed

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