Cigar Shops

DO any of you know any Cigar shops in Riyadh? can u tell me the location? which mall or which area?

Also, are there any cigar lounges?

Interesting question. I need someone to answer the post please.

There is a cigar lounge on the 2nd level of the "globe" restaurant on top of the faisaliyah tower.  I do not know any cigar shops though.

houstonian :

There is a cigar lounge on the 2nd level of the "globe" restaurant on top of the faisaliyah tower.  I do not know any cigar shops though.

thank you , i will ask about the directions as soon as i arrive there....

what about the globe restuarant itself?does it have good food? is it italian style food?

The food at the restaurant is not that great - I honestly think it is way too overpriced.  Maybe others have better experience but I thought the food was mediocre at best.  By the way, name the name of the restaurant is not "globe" - I have forgotten the name (that's how memorable it was for me!!  haha).  But it is shaped like a globe - you cannot miss it.

The faisaliyah tower is directly south of the kingdom tower - it is very easy to find.  Every cab driver knows where the faisaliyah tower is.

Hi Adham,

there are two big Cigar shops in Riyadh. one called "AlZawag" you can find it in the Euromarche (Al Orobah crossing Takasusy St.) and the other one "Kopin's Corner" (Olay'a Crossing Makah Road)

i recommend the last one...

I know for a fact that in the near future The Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh will be opening a cigat lounge soon. They will have the biggest selection of cigars in he region! I work there. They say it will be open in the next few months, something to look forward to! Enjoy!

House of Cubana, Olaya area. Garmins know where it is at.

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a small shop at Sulaymaneya Al Jazeera market sells it, better to get urself a good stock every time u travel if you don't find what u want here.

@marobreen > just to inform that this a an old topic but thank you for this info :)

the globe ....

Just bring your own online .. and smoke at home :)

or .. join us for the weekly Thursday meeting in the Sheraton. They have both cigar shop and lounge in the lobby ,.

I am looking to mail order Cigars to my current location. Anyone knows of a source?

what are your favourite cigars? Most cuban habanos are available in riyadh, and can be mailed by a friend to ur location in jubail.

I want to buy cigar for my friend can you please tell me the best type and its price and do u deliver it I live in Riyadh

Cuban or non-cuban? Your friend is here or abroad?

we live in riyadh. im looking for the best and i think cuban cigars are the best right?

Yes. Cubans are the best. Then comes the Nicaraguan and Dominican.

Whoever wants cigars i have an excellent source with good prices. Just let me know what brand you want and i will advise you with delivery time and cost. Also selling accessories as well

How much would a box of montecristi no 2 (25) cost (incl. shipping)?

I will ask and get back to you shortly. I personally use cohiba siglo vi. 25pieces for 280 usd including shipping.

Hello. So there are two packs of 25, depending on the wrapping. If you already have a box then it is cheaper for you to get the naylon pack (25 cigars for 280 usd), if you need the wooden pack (25 cigars for 320 usd). All including shipping. The only variable is the delivery time as it might take up to 10 days.

Thanks a lot.

im not able to send you a private message. i wanted to thank you for the delivery my friend lloved it. the rest of the money is for your effort you deserve it.

well , I know that i am too late, but i can tell you where to buy and smoke Cigars in Riyadh without paying a fortune :

la Casa Cubana , in Olaya you can buy Cuban Cigars or Boxes with a very great Pricess . also you can smoke there . it is small coosey  place . but its very nice .

in the sheraton hotel in King Fahad road . where you can buy from the Cigar Shack , and somke it in the lobby Cafe .

Ritz Carlton Hotel . In Makkah road . Bring your cigar or take the risk to add 40% of the Cigar Price outside the hotel and drink some coffee in their terrace .

Raffal Kempinski Cigar lounge , located in the 4th floor . wins the worst Cigars stock in the world + most expensive coffe .

Lavida haban , a Cigar shop and private lounge one of the Best Places to buy cigars from in KSA .

le Gourmet ( AL Zaowaq ) oldest cigar shop in Riyadh , they have only three locations : Olaya Street , Sheraton Hotel , euromarchee in Takhasusi Street .

Marriot Hotel in Khurais road : you can smoke , but don't Buy from there zero experience in Cigars .

other than that all 5 stars hotels in Riaydh has a terrace that you can smoke in There

Yes, i recommend the 2nd one also

would agree with you on La Casa Cubana

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