best store to buy carpets (riyadh)

where to buy good quality carpet at reasonable price?

visit morocco :P

tnx dany, i mentioned riyadh in the subject

have you seen Owais market its on olaya. very good market for cheap ones yet quality is good.

However, if you like contemporary stuff go to homecenter (inside centerpoint) on king abdullah or rimmel cener (exit 17 I blv)

thank you so mch pk musd,,i will visit the stores u mentioned

You're welcome.
Also, in front of rimmel center (IKEA) opposite to that there are a lot of shops.

Also bin dayel mall in end of king Fahad road to the south side

Well we buy new carpet piece in single color plus center piece in designing just in SR 200 from Haraj Market, very cheap stuff in this market

Souk Taiba ( also known as Kuwaiti Market)and Center Point.

If you want quality goto centerpoint

If you are looking for top quality persian rugs the only place to go is the Kermanshah Gallery in King Abdullaziz Road/Old  Airport Road a few streets up from the Radisson Blu. I've bought quite a few rugs over the last few months and  I am still going back for more as Mr Kemanshah is very interesting character with a vast knowledge of carpets. Pay a visit as you will not be disappointed and you will leave with a carpet and/or more knowledge about persian carpets

Definitely kermanshah gallery is the best for high end

Thank you for the post Mr. Mnouri!

Thank you so much for the post Mr. Stanierb. I hope to see you very soon! It's always a pleasure to see you. Sincerest Regards, Abbas Kermanshah.

Come by to our store here in Riyadh for some tea and I'll show you what we've got! Hope to see you soon!

Hello Mr Kermanshah, where exactly can I find your store on King Abdullazuz Rd? My husband will be there over the next few days and would like to come in and take a look.

There many carpet shops at below location, you may want to check it out:

24.733668, 46.662853

Mr Kermanshah's number is ***
The coordinates are ***
You have to drive from the back road because of the metro works.

Hi I'm Muhammad I'm a professional carpet fitter I've been working for Carpet Right in London as a carpet fitter for more than six years I can professionally fit carpets wood flooring laminate flooring and vinyl flooring is there any chance for me to get a installer jab in Riyadh?????

you can buy carpets of great quality from anas palace carpets owner : MAHMOOD AHMED
its in deerah tamimi street behind gold market near masmak fort i've visited that shop alot it was a great experience indeed they get you any kind of carpet you demand for


What is your location?

I think you will find it at ALMUTLAQ FURNITURE its one of the best placses but I believeits not cheap

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