gold shopes in riyadh and Jeddah airport

Hi can anyone help me whether any gold souqs are available in Riyadh and jeddah international airport..or els is der any gold shopes are near international airport,..? iam travelling from yamboo to India via jeddah or Riyadh and wish to purchase some ornaments from jeddah or Riyad  since the rates are high where iam staying.. plesae help me with your valuable suggestions..

The rates on shops in RIyadh and Jeddah Airports are higher than from the place you live in. The full-fledged gold markets are afar from the two Airports.

how far its... and can you please tell me place name ?

For Riyadh, I can tell you that the nearest markets having gold shops are not less than 30-40 minutes drive each way. So if you are going to shop in Riyadh, you should have at least 2.25 hours for out-of-the-airport activity. It neither includes your immigration, transit and boarding procedures nor the time for arrangement /pickup of transport.

thanks brother

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