Any work-for-keep jobs here?

I think I have exhausted all the online sites; HelpX, (that's the only one I paid the membership fee for, it was the only one affordable. The other ones want a ridiculous amount of money per month or per year and I just don't HAVE it!) the free AuPair sites, what few let you register for free and then actually contact host families. I've tried Craigslist, even putting my ad up in Spanish, no dice. Segunamando, too. Couchsurfing, but no way will anyone on Couchsurfing let someone stay for very long. Global Freeloaders, no one is answering their host requests anymore; same for HospitalityClub.  I'm lucky if I can get to the "I have to move around every 2 weeks to a different 'couch'" until I can get my Irish passport replaced and hopefully get out of here. NO there won't be enough money left for a return ticket to Ireland, and no the Embassies don't do that anymore; I'm hoping the International Organisation for Migration will take care of that once I have a valid travel document from either of my Embassies. Problem is they won't give a travel document without a paid-for airline ticket. This is how people get STRANDED after they get robbed overseas!! Anyway, I'm looking for work-for-keep so I don't wind up on the streets. Are there any OTHER websites, where people who register on them actually do reply to requests? On HelpX I sent out loads of requests, even filled out my profile with a "hostel work for keep resume" and only got one reply (some place that wants English taught for room-and-board) and they said they won't have any openings until MAY. I mean, this is a city of 20 million??? Should I take out an ad in an English-language newspaper?? My ad on Craigslist and the one on Segunamando are in Spanish, so that's not helping. Honestly, I wish the purse-snatchers that day had killed me instead, it would be EASIER. Of course a paid job is out of the question once your purse gets snatched with all your "papers" in it and then confiscated by the police once they retrieve it.

I mean, in the end, if it's "wind up on the streets" time, I think (back when I was in law school this was the case, anyway) that if I get myself arrested and thrown into deportation proceedings that will force either the French or the Irish embassy to cough up a travel document, but that's a slow, "rot in jail" process I'd rather avoid.  And please don't waste my time telling me to "call family" since the only phone that worked was in the purse when it got snatched and it's sitting in confiscation with the purse at whatever police station it's been transferred to this time. I had to have it suspended. My "family" not only doesn't answer emails, we're from a generation that's computer-phobic so they won't do anything "technical" like transfer me some money into my bank account via e-mail (already tried) ... besides, they're the ones who closed out my savings account with my £4,500 in it in the first place. My ex-husbands are somewhere in Italy and Russia and I've lost touch with them ages ago. So I'm basically all alone in this, and over-40 so I can't imagine why people online are all about telling me to "call your mom and dad" sort of rubbish. Also I already contacted a registered charity back in Ireland, Safe Home Ireland, about funds, and they said there aren't any. Their extent of assistance is probably just to maybe greet me back at the airport when and if I manage to make it back alive. (And "advice" about not coming back in crisis. Like that can be helped!) I'd try to get to Cancun and try to stow away on a boat or cargo ship going back to France or Ireland if I thought I'd get very far.

I think my original point was how to find a work-for-keep arrangement here while I wait for like 3-5 months for a replacement passport to get here from Ireland. Are there any more FREE sites I can join that work, that have hosts who reply to requests, etc. I once AuPaired in England for 6 months. But by now I'm far too old for the usual AuPair agencies. Besides, they all want "legal papers." That's why I'm not applying for paid jobs. I even offer to teach or tutor English for room and board, and no takers. I guess people who need English learned, can't understand enough of it to understand what I'm offering? I suppose I'll re-phrase my Craigslist and Segunamando ads, see if that helps; nothing else to do...

You clearly have access to a computer so, for a very small fee, you can set up a skype account and buy a little credit that will allow cheap calls to pretty much any number in the world. The downside is this requires a debit or credit card and these could have been stolen with your purse.
A google hangouts account allows free calls to many/most US and Canadian numbers if you have any contacts in those countries.
Finally, some kind poster might well call family for you if you exchange contact details by PM.
That would allow family or a friend to set up a skype account for you, thus giving you communications back home.

As for the passport, for reference of future readers of this thread, see here … passports/

Again, for future readers, passport and card thefts are common all over the world so a hidden belt wallet is always a good idea.

Daily money and one card is best kept in a neck wallet.

Phones are best kept in a close fitting pouch or 'bum bag' so they're harder to steal.

None of the above are 'cool' but they will help you stay safe.

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