Looking for work in Mexico

Hey :) am looking to move to Mexico very soon and am looking to find employment and learn the language, could someone please help me with regards to finding a job!!

I am 23years old and have many years experience in working within customer bassed roles and have also worked in football. I am currently working as a waiter in Oxford street (heart of London)  and have also worked as a chef, barman,sales adviser and a travel representative. I have customer service & catering qualifications, as well as A- levels in sports.

If anyone could help I would be very greatfull.

Gracias :)

legally you cant unless you do something mexicans cannot.  legalities often arent observed in mexico though.  have you ever been there?

First, you need to obtain your working visa from the mexican consulate or embassy in London. Would could also get a job offer from a mexican company that sometimes do the visa process on your behalf. Good luck, GyC.

No but I could plan to get a visa, I'd love to work in a hotel or something along them lines.

What is your advise?

Thank you :)

Thank you! Is it hard for us guys to get a visa?

Hotel workers in Mexico make something around ten bucks a day that's right A Day in Mexico good luck with that

Wow! I'm not really going there for the money as long as I can live! What sector would you recommend?

Yes, salary is low here, BUT, BUT...Mexico is very cheap. I lived in England for one year. Prices there are 3 or 4 times higher than here. Rents are cheap too. You can rent a flat in a good neighbourhood for 100 pounds per month.
You should also consider looking for opportunities in the Cancun-Riviera Maya area.

I know I can imagine the quality of life is allot better over there :) yeah I can imagine cancun is amazing do you have any suggestions where to apply? Or could you help me with finding a job? Would really appreciate it mate!

Gracias Amigo!


Hi, my company are hiring native English speakers to work in Mexico City.

Send me a message for more details,

Best regards,


Hi there, I am hoping to find a job too in Mexico. Im a Filipino and Im currently working/living in Malaysia at the moment as an English speaker tech support. Any recommendations on where or what companies I can apply?

Hi ZaiRain28,

This thread is quite old, i suggest you drop an advert along with your cv in the Jobs in Mexico City section of the website, you might land an opportunity.

Also, feel free to read the relevant articles of the Work in Mexico section of the Expat Guide.

All the best,

Thanks for the advise. I will definitely check it.

I'm actually looking to move to Cancun and apply with my current company...I currently live in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico and it's really cheap to live in Mexico. The only bad thing is that salaries here are really low. Try finding g a job that requires English. You could get paid more...also I believe your going to need a visa. I'm trying to get dual citizenship since I have Mexican parents....but ya get a Visa and also I suggest you visit the places your thinking of moving to before hand to see if you will like them.

I see,,thanks,,yeah I'll check,,where I can apply..thanks

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