New members of the Turkey forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the Turkey forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Turkey if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!


I would like to move to Izmir in 2019.
Every information would be useful me, in order to prepare on time, such a: job offers, recruitment agencies, apartments for renting, schools teaching in English (for 11 years old child), costs of living, health insurance...
Tank you in advance!



Good day everyone
It's nice to know you all. I would like to move to Antalya Turkey in a little while for approximately a year. I would appreciate any advice or directory.

My name is Renata and I'm a graphic designer.
I'm moving to turkey this April 2018.
I don't have any clue about how to address the market, especially when I don't speak any Turkish. Are there any companies that work in English inside the offices?
Any additional advice is fairly appreciated!
Thank you for starting this thread Julien!

What do you mean by address the market

I mean that I don't know wich are the best websites for applying for jobs. Most of them are written in Turkish and i have to translate one by one. If i look at "english jobs in Istanbul" all I get are teaching jobs... I'm not a teacher, I'm a designer.

Hi, you can search jobs in a website as I remember they have English version and try and if you dont insist about working as graphic designer you can also work as a  translater about your language, if you need any help about Turkish words to search jobs you can ask me, by the way if you wright "English jobs in Istanbul" it is understood as "English language jobs in Istanbul" :)

Thank you!  :)

Hi everyone, happy to be part of this group. I made a trip to Turkey and since then I fell in love with this beautiful country, I want to have a job and live down there. I work as a customer manager. But I do not know how to start my research.

Hi there,

I'm a noob here but I have been in Istanbul for a bit over a year now, what I can say is that I'm not a good friend with the Turkish language lol I just can't seem to do well no matter how hard I try to learn but anyway I'm thinking about moving to Izmir sometime during 2018 but I just can't seem to find a job suited for me in Izmir as all jobs there are within a very narrow field of options which I have no expertise in most of these jobs so I may just stay in Istanbul for now, overall I'm glad I moved here and I <3 Turkey


Thank You for the add. Just fill up my profile page. Ive been to turkey many times past years and now intend to settle here.

Im looking for jobs out there that suits my skills and experience.

Hello everyone ...

I moved with my family recently and we live in Antalya .. I love this city and am looking for connections in the same city.

best wishes

What's up everyone,

My name is Kenny, I moved to Buca, Izmir recently, Bought a cafe here recently, trying to expand my circle for friends (something hopefully to more than 2).

We can meet at my cafe to hangout and plan to do other stuff.


Hi guys,
I live in Istanbul. I love to hang out around historical parts of istanbul, take photos, read about the history of this great city, meet with new friends and get to know other cultures. If you are into these activities, would you like to do those together?
See you soon

what industry are you in?

what kind of advice do you need?

Hi was wandering about airfare packages with jobs in Istanbul turkey in the hospitality industry

Hello everyone and welcome on board.

Please note that this thread is about the introduction of new members. Once you have introduced yourself, feel free to create a new topic on the Turkey forum if you have any questions concerning your expatriation project.

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All the best,

This is Mohammad Irshaid from Palestine. I've moved to Istanbul last summer to build my dream company (eCommerce SaaS -  Software as a service) with my wife. Our experience in eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Data Analysis, Data science.

Hello All,
I'm a digital nomad, and have been traveling the past 10 years.  Prior to that I was living in Canada.  I've just arrived Istanbul last night, and look forward to explore this country and see what opportunities and adventures come forth.  Possibly interested in staying here if a job is a match.

Greetings all, i am new here... does anyone here live in Alanya?
I would love to read what you think of it. I have been researching all about Alanya... looks like a truly magical place to be. How I would love to call this place home, someday...


Hello. My name is Monica van Bakel but everybody calls me Monique. I am a single mother now living in Noord Brabant Province of Holland. I hope to be moving soon into an apartment I have rented in the Mahmutar area of Alanya in Turkey with my teenage daughter and two small dogs. Currently I am unemployed but hoping to find a full or part time job in Alanya. I am a free-spirit that likes to explore different things, adventuresome, nice to be around, funny, can be a trusted friend and good listener, and a devoted mother and pet-lover.  My hobbies are cooking, riding horses and going on holidays. I can speak Dutch, English and German fluently. I am looking forward to making new friends with like interests and having a good time seeing the sights in Alanya.

Hi Im Arif from İstanbul, Turkey. Im native Turkish and studying civil engineering in İstanbul. I would like to meet people which is from another countries, learn their culture and help them as much as i can. Please let me know if you come to istanbul i can give free guide if im available from college :)

Hello Monique
I'm an Egyptian person lives in Istanbul several months ago trying to find friends
I'm living alone in Turkey for permanent
I hope to hear from you

Hello all! I'm from the UK, I'm 20 and male. Ive been in love with Turkey for years and know all about her history and I've studied hard on turkey in recent years. I am saving up money to be able to move out there by myself and get an apartment and sustain myself till I find myself a job. I speak decent Turkish as I have Turkish friends where I live! Any tips on how much I'd need to save up and best places to find a job? I'm not fussy, I'll do mostly anything from labor to tourism.

Hey mate, how's your day? My name is John.. and I just moved to Antalya like a couple of days ago it's beautiful here, would recommend it. If it's up to me which it's not it's all up to you, I wouldn't move to Istanbul.. don't get me wrong it's great there but I feel like the people are a bit closed, it's like most big cities.. too many people, with more people comes more issues. So I would move somewhere a little quieter and nicer maybe around the south west side.. from Antalya to the the other cities, and when it comes to a job.. it's important to have a little experience, but I think you'll find a job easier than others because you got the English and the Turkish, you might find something like teaching... I have friends that teach here, it's private nothing like school or anything... Unless you want to, there's a fair amount of jobs here, you'll find the right one for you, and I'd recommend have enough money a to live here for like 3 months, just to be safe, and always leave more money for the first month than the other two.. cause the first month you usually have more expenses that are one time.. for example a sim card, or a deposit for the apartment that you're gonna get, I personally recommend get around 2000 Turkish liras per month... By the way you can easily get around with much less, but again safe is better... And if you ever need a place.. I have this really sweet girl that helped me find mine in this great area, if you ever want a place... Let me know I can give you here number and Facebook, anyway have a lovely day Matt, goodluck with your move...

Hi there
Hoş geldiniz
That is welcome
I'm Mohamed Salah
Hope to hear from you soon

Hi Mohamed

My name is Ali

I am planning to go to Istanbul recently



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