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I am Mohamad from Lebanon , and i am going to move to turkey to make a new business and live there , any advices please share

Very bad period for starting a  business , actually there is a big economic crisis in Turkey


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Hi, I am new here. I am planning to move to Istanbul and I found this page while looking for apartments. I have also few questions, and I would appreciate if someone could explain few things

1. Since I am working online, is there any chance for me to get visa for longer stay, currently I can visit for three months only
2. What is normal price for small apartment (1+1), with location on europe side near taksim square, or uskudar, kadikoy, (actually any place in radius of half an hour of transport, 45 minutes)  , for short term (one month). What can I expect ?

Hello Every one,

I am planning to relocate to live and work in Turkey sooner after I am done with my current employer in the Gulf region. I have been in Turkey twice and I fell in love with it.

I am a university professor, teaching Economics and Finance, in particular, Money banking and Finance.

I know the job market in Turkey for university professor is tight and highly competitive but I guess having my PhD from the USA along with more than 25 years of experience in Banking sector would give me an edge.

However, I can set up my own company in consulting on how to identify the optimal asset allocation together with conducting sector analysis to explore business opportunities for corporations and individuals.

Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

Best Regards
Dr. Ali

I would like to move to Turkey, I saw this page when I was looking for job opportunities in Turkey. Am looking for a job in Turkey. Any help is welcome
Thank you members

Hi everyone and welcome to Expat.Com

@ Acheng, welcome, you will find many resources on the website to help you.

The first thing i suggest you to do, is to read the articles of the Expat Guide, specially the ones about work :

- Work in Turkey

Then, browse through the different threads of the forum where members have shared their feedbacks on the topic.

- What are the dos and don'ts of finding a job in Turkey?

- The jobs that are the most in-demand for expats in Turkey

Finally, make sure that you drop a detailed advert in the Jobs in Turkey section so that employers get to know that you are looking for a job. You may also get in touch with professionals recommended in the business directory under the Jobs in Turkey section.

All the best,

Hullo everyone,
              Am so happy to be part of this wonderful family.  My name is Alexandria am a Ugandan and planning to come to Turkey next year.  I have heard lots of wonderful things about the country.  Am a teacher by profession and I would love to know about Turkey, it's culture, jobs, accommodation, food, health insurance and all.  Any information will be of great help.  It's nice meeting you all.

My Name is Salim. I own a travel agency in Istanbul and we work mostly with spanish and portugues speaker countries.

So as i neeed to find persons from these languages i came here.


Hello thank you for a warm welcome, Am Anne and am looking for a waitress job in  Antalya please connect me.thanks

Hie Everyone thank you for invitation,  My name is Micaiah Kaseke i'll be moving to Istanbul around march, and i'm a Network Engineer by profession and i want to know how i can get a job related to IT much faster

Hi mohammad,

Im Tatiana if you have any question where i can help you you can ask.
I also moved turkey to make my own business.


Hi everyone, my name is shawn and I'm an international English teacher. just moved to Izmir karsiyaka town. i kinda like the town but can't speak Turkish fluently, I'm looking for a good language academy to start my career here.


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