Any body knows website for Nanny or babysitters job in Turkey?

i am a nanny/babysitter/house helper looking for a job in turkey  is there any one who has information ?

Hi mekerere,

Do not hesitate to create your CV and to post and ad in the Jobs in Turkey section.

Good luck.


I did but no output

just google it, there are several web sites..

i tried a lot but i couldn't fine any important website

of course there is not many websites which are looking for nanny or babysitter.
but there are many international sites which supply nanny or babysitter other than similar jobs such like caregiver or aupair.
i cannot send you personal message, your private messaging system is disabled, so i cannot give you the links which is not allowed to share here in public.

ived been trying also to find that website for Caregiver or babysitter but i cannot find it.

Hello Mekerere
Tries to au
Every day families are in demand for nanny
Good luck

yes  my private sms is disabled i dont know why

go to privacy settings to enable it.

Hi! and ara good sites to start with.

thank you very much


I am moving from qatar to istanbul and want to bring our domestic helper along. Does anyone know of any agency that can help with domestic helper/nanny visas. And what are the associated costs and salary for live-in domestic helpers in turkey.


Hi! I pay 700 dollars to our Filipina live-in nanny. And another 100 as allowance for the weekend trip to city - per month. 800 is also common but not more than that as recently the dollar increased too much as compared to Turkish liras.

Please contact if your still interested in the job
Iam moving for Istanbul in few days for the full summer

Are you still available, a Sudanese family is moving here in two weeks and looking for a full time person? Please send me private message so that we can communicate


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Hi.. Have been following this conversation and am also currently looking for a job in Turkey, what are procedures for a kenyan applicant..

Thank you zisant

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