Newly arrived in Auvergne looking for English speaking people

Hello everybody,

I just arrived in Auvergne, close to Issoire south of Clermont-Ferrand and I am looking for English speaking people for any kind of activities (sport, walking, discussing, you name it as I am pretty open to anything).

I am natively French but spent most of my time outside of France in many different countries and now that I am in Auvergne I really really miss having English speaking friends :-)

So feel free to send me a message so we can start getting in touch.

PS: Anyone knows if a localized group where French and English people would meet exists ? That would be something interesting for organizing activities and promoting cultural exchange.

Cheers !

Hello . I am from India and I feel likewise. It will be great to interact with you. Feel free to talk. :) Good night

Hi! Are you still around? I’ve just moved to clermont ferrand and trying to find friends. I’m English. If so get in touch :)

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