Anyone living Puy de Dome area who Speaks English?

Does anyone live in the puy de dome area who speak English ?

I'd just have arrived to France, to Vichy from Australia and It would be nice to meet you ... Just let me know if you are still in France ! Colette

Hi yes still here in France just 10 minutes from thiers. What brings you to France? Do you have family here?

I an French, I came back to France 7 week-end ago from Australia and it's still a little bit difficult at the moment... I was living there during the lasts 5 years!

Ah interesting, not going to be a hot winter for you this year.
I married a French lady who lived in England and then we decided to move here in France hopefully for a better life. Enjoying it so far but I am finding it hard to learn French. How do you spend your free time ?

I am retired, then I'll have to discover France .
Before to go to Australia, I was living in Switzerland during more than 40 years ...
What are you doing in this part of France ?
You're right ... I won't have any summer for many many months and will miss sunshine ! Sniff !

Well my wife have family here and I am working as an engineer. Vichy is very nice and not far from me. You have a lot of free time now i guess? Any holiday plans? Or any places to visit here in France?

Any plan ? Yes
I would like to go and visit my youngest son in Bordeaux. I didn't see him until more than 5 years !
Which sort of engineer are you ?
Do you have children ?

That would be nice for you some sea air.
I am a welder fabricator for stainless steel and aluminium so hard work but I like making things.
I also have children just one little girl 16 months old so funding naughty things to do now. But great fun. What interests do you have ?

I am French and just arrived close to Issoire/Clermont-Ferrand after many years of expatriation.
Strangely I am looking for English speakers as I have some difficulties to fit in my own country again :-)
Thus I am looking for new friends especially non French :-)

Let me know if you are still around and feel free to get in touch !

Hi how are you? What do you do for work here now? Do you have family near?

Hi Kevin,
I am Sébastien, I lived 10 years in Dubai and I am now here in Auvergne where my brother and his family are living. I am working as an IT support.
What about you ? Are you still in Auvergne?

Howdy !

I m Charlotte and i m French native speaker whose mind is set in english (i like to believe so :p). I live near Issoire too with my boyfriend.
I m curious to meet new people and i love speaking english.
Let me know if you want to talk ;)

Have a good day !

Hey Charlotte!

I found 2 places for practicing English: café les augustes in Clermont-Ferrand on Tuesday's at 6Pm (I'll be there tomorrow) and café la clef in Brioude on Thursday's at 6Pm.

Don't hesitate to PM me for getting in touch  😁


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