Arriving in amman soon

I will be moving to Amman soon and wanted to make some connections ahead of time.  I work as a therapist for kids with autism.  I have lived in eight other countries and enjoy travel, yoga, running, and going to the gym.  Would welcome any info about living in Amman.

Thank you

Welcome to Jordan!
I am Mohammad from Jordan - Petra. Jordan is very safe country, and Jordanian people are very kind. I advice you to live close to the down town, Cause you can find everything there, and also everything is very cheap.
Please feel free to contact me for any inquiry. I hope to see you soon.

Welcome on board   :cheers:

There are so many threads which can give you useful information about the life in Jordan.  On the top of the page you can fine guides which contains also useful information.
I suggest to read them and if you need specific details or in need of clarification, You can always come back to spam us with your concerns.

Happy searching and reading.

Hi there
You will enjoy your stay in Jordan very much.
Jordan is a place of tranquility diversity great weather nice hospitable people who love to help and be kind.
It's a bit pricy transportation is ok but the rest is paradise!
If you need any help please feel free to contact me on ***
Have a fantastic day!


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