Filipina marrying Jordanian- someone give me a thought😞

Hi everybody, I am a filipina 32 years old, and I am about to marry a jordaniAn man who work in UAE. This is the first time he bring me here in his place to met his family, at the same time to marry him. I already converted to Islam so we can marry here in jordan this week. He is just 26 but he is matured.He have a good stable job coz he work as a manager, and I am
A nurse also in Uae. But I am still confuse if i will marry him coz I am scared if he will make me a slave and he will change after 2-3 years.

Welcome on board  :cheers:

If you have doubts you have to talk with your fiancee before you get married.
We don't know you nor your future husband so how do you think we can help you?

He loves me so i better believe it i think😬

you think, but not sure   :/

Im sure i love him, but the doubts i feel its because of his culture

@ Confusegirl32 > I regret but we are on an expatriate website. We might not be able to help you for personal matters as we are not qualified.


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Think about it carefully,but if you are Happy with him and you said that he loves you,then Good Luck :)

Are you planning on moving to Jordan or staying in UAE?  Have you spoken to his family and do they support the marriage?  Have you had a long talk about what each of your roles and responsibilities will be after you will be married? Have you thought about certain things you would want to put in your marraige contract?  Talk with him about all your concerns (and his as well because believe me he has worries too!).  I am married to a Jordanian and he is a wonderful man but it is not always easy.  The best person to answer your question is your fiance.  Take your time and make sure that you are both a good fit for each other.  Theres nothing wrong with a long engagement. Best of luck.

Confusegirl32 :

Im sure i love him, but the doubts i feel its because of his culture

Everyone has another culture from the other one, even if they have the same nationality or even they burned in the same country....

important is, how can someone adopt this culture and try to understand his partner.

I don't have much to offer in the way of advice but be sure you educate yourself if terms of your rights if you have children.  This is something I know some women have struggled with, losing their children in divorce, being stuck in Jordan because of divorce and international abduction of children because of divorce.  It can happen anywhere but there are some really sad cases here.

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