Divorcing my Egyptian husband in the UK

I am British and married my Egyptian husband in Cairo. We have lived in the UK for four years together and now we will divorce. My husband has arranged a divorce at the Egyptian embassy on 18th Dec in London but I am worried that I have rights that I will lose once divorced. We don't have any children.
Also, my husband has accumulated £23 000 whilst in the UK, some of it at my expense. Can he simply just take it back to Egypt or do I have some claim to it?
He came to the uk with nothing.
If anyone can help, I'd be very grateful.

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

If your wedding was a Sharia ceremony in Egypt, it could be that you're not actually recognised as being legally married in the UK and that what your husband has arranged is a Sharia ceremony at the Embassy and is aimed to suit him.

The fact your husband came with nothing is largely irrelevant to the law.  My advice is to go and see a Divorce Lawyer as soon as possible.


I would suggest you to also go to your local mosque and ask for advices there, because in Sharia law you also have rights regarding your husband's money. I don't know much this is why I would suggest you to go ask someone qualified in Islamic law to help you within your interrogations.

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