Leaving the UK & keeping UK bank accounts?

Hi there,

I am a French national that has been living in London for almost 2 years. I am about to leave the UK and move to Tunisia.

Am I allowed to keep my bank accounts (current + saving) although I won't be a UK resident anymore? If yes, would you advise me to do so? Or least keep one of them? Which one?

I look forward to your precious insights; many thanks!
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Hi Florence,

There are no hard and fast rules regarding this.  A bit of research tells me it depends on:

1.  Who you bank you with.
2.  How long you have banked with them.
3.  Whether you retain a UK address.
4.  What type of account you have.

I've read stories of people having their accounts closed when they notified the bank of their new address abroad.  However, if you have a legitimate reason for keeping the account open (receipt of a UK pension that cannot be paid overseas, paying a UK mortgage etc), then they may smile favourably on you.

If you want to do this legitimately, then my advice would be to speak to your bank and see what the options are.  Don't say you are moving, phrase it as if you are thinking of doing so.

Hope this helps.

Hi Cynic,

Many thanks for your time and reply!
You're definitely right: I'd rather ask my bank directly, as I don't want my savings to disappear at one point!

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Hi Florence,

Most UK banks have a computerized system to classify an inactive account as "Dormant" and close it permanently after a period of one year.

Unless you have a justification of keeping the account active eg for using it to make payments of your credit card , using it as a debit account or using it to keep your savings,  there is hardly any point in keeping a cheque book  in your drawers.

You can always open a new account if you ever decide to return and live in the UK. :)

Most of the bank accounts bank offer for uk residents only. Some of the banks do offer bank accounts for overseas residents but they are for business purposes.
But if you are bank with Citibank then you will have opportunity to use that bank account overseas regardless you are uk resident or not.
Hope this helps

I am french , I left UK in 2012 after 10 years there and now live in Thailand.

I keep bank account in 2 different banks with address in UK ( friend ), this account are more to get my visa card and move money around

However for saving I move all in NSANDI, and they accept adress from overseas, there are different type of saving, bond, children saving, Premium bonds ( lottery ), etc...

Thank you very much for your replies, that is of great help.

I think I will keep my accounts until I'm settled down in Tunisia, then I'll see what's faisable and relevant, but I think I better close the saving account at least.

Have a great week ahead!



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