Help with travel timing from KLCC to Garden International School

Good evening,

I will be relocating to Kuala Lumpur from Jakarta.  I am looking to enrol my daughter at the Garden International School.  I am keen to live in KLCC, or maybe Bangsar area.  Can anyone tell me approximately what the travel time to school would be?  Travel will be by school bus.  As far as I can tell the Alice Smith Secondary campus is far away.

Many thanks in advance.

Transport time to Seri Kembangan would be about minimum 40 minutes (and be quite expensive). The time would depend on whether there were other pick-ups on the way.

There are other choices of school closer to KLCC.

What other International English curriculum school is nearer.  The bus cost is covered as part of my package. … ala-lumpur

Click on map to reach listing for each school. The British International School is popular but there are many other choices.

Thank you for the link, however I find it rather untrustworthy.  I used it for Jakarta as I know the schools here, and it lists some schools  I would never consider using.

Well you have to start somewhere, I guess. As you know, the cost of education usually dictates the quality as more English mothertongue qualified teachers command higher salaries, which the parents are  paying. I mentioned above the best school. Alice Smith Primary has a good name but not the secondary.

I am really only keen on GIS.  Has anyone got any reviews?

Hello there I can only help you to enroll your daughter!
From KlCC 12min to Havil international school!
Brickfields"Havil International School" it's quiet near maybe only 12mins.
Then from klcc to Garden International School it's a little far for your daughter it takes 23min to 25 min.
God bless.

We are in MK and are considering Garden School.

For us, it is between Garden and BSKL.

Would be interested to know why you settled on Garden?


Dear Sir,

KLCC to Garden Int School will see heavy traffic daily. Bangsar will be much better. Even nearer will be Mont Kiara.

My estimate for you from KLCC is between 30-45 minutes, Bangsar 15-20 mins, Mont Kiara 10-15 minutes provided no stopping to pick others.

Hope it helps.


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