Planning Move to Hanoi

I am planning move to Hanoi and would like to find a permanent job.
Any job recommend me?Currently i am a hardware engineer.
Willing to learn new role. Thanks

Hello Marcus89,
Welcome to the forum!

As a foreigner, the best you can find in Vietnam is a long-term job on contract.
Most such contracts are signed for 2 years (renewable).
There's no permanent job for a foreigner in Vietnam.

You can create your CV in the Hanoi jobs section and browse through the jobs posted there.

Also, look for suitable jobs on Vietnamworks and Careerjet VN.

For hardware-networking jobs a certain level of proficiency in Vietnamese language may be required. 

Good luck!  :cheers:

Hi Senwl,

Thanks for the information. I had summited my CV and resume to few company. Hope got good news.
If you have any recommended hope you can share me. Thanks

Try doing a search on some of the Employment sites here in Viet Nam.


Thanks for shared. I had visit to the site and i see most of them are hired vietnamese 😭😭

Anyway, i had applied few too. Thabks again

Well you are in Viet Nam.

Did you search the expat jobs on that site?

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