Best way to send goods back to Australia

Could anyone please tell me the best way to send my teaching resources back to Australia. I have accumulated about 10 kg of bits and pieces as well as other odds and ends. I am in no hurry for them anyone suggest a reliable method.

Hi Par,
Please see below the link to the Facebook group of Vietnamese students in Australia:
I suggest you join the group and find those who provide sea or air freight services. You can ask other members whether those services are trustworthy.
I have tried this one once:
If you need more information, please feel free to ask me.
Good luck,

Other ways that you could try is going to the Post Office, they'll help you pack your parcel. But don't seal your box before you go there as they'll check your goods first. I'm not sure how much they charge. And you'd better go with your Vietnamese friend because I don't think the Post Office staff can speak English well :)
Another options are Fedex or DHL.
Hope it helps.

Try DHL - they have offices here and I have used them to ship from overseas to Australia and very effficient service - delivered to your door in Australia.

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