Language in Mauritius

Hello! Im South Korean and I only speak Korean and English.
But if I wanna live in Mauritius, should I learn french? It seems like most of you speak fluent french!
Also ive heard from my friend that there are many of indians in Mauritius and some part of it speak Indian language!
I wanna work there and maybe will go to school too so I would like to get new language if it will do big good for my Mauritius life. So it would be good help if you can advise me to chose one must-learn language in Mauritius

Thanks a lot in advance!


Here's the situation.

English is the administrative language and also the main language in public education in Mauritius. Therefore most Mauritians speak and understand English.

That said, English is rarely used outside schools, workplaces and the business environment.

The most commonly used language in Mauritius is Mauritian Creole and in second position, you have French. French is the most common language for both the written and spoken media.

Therefore, while you will be good enough with English, learning a bit of French and by extension, Creole, will allow better interactions, socializing and a better grasp of the culture and environment in Mauritius.

A large percentage of Mauritians are of Indian origin, yes, but Indian languages are mostly restricted to the communities of Indian origin people and rarely used in other spheres.

So in short, it is recommended to know at least English and French.

Hello winston! Thanks a lot for your kind reply! So that I will start the french right a way :)

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