Making iqama for new born baby in dammam

As salaam walaikum,

My baby is born in dammam on 16th sept 2017. These days  civil affairs (ahwal madani) are issuing new type of birth certificate (smaller in size). I have received this new one for my newborn baby last week of september 2017 and got passport. Then I submitted to make iqama for past 3 weeks but its not been successful.

Nowadays a record is created in absher once certificate is issued by ahwal madani. This was not the case earlier. Passport (Jawazat) used to create a record in absher. I dont know if there is some issue in linking between these 2 departments.

I have submitted passport and other documents to my company HR and initially they were asking to pay dependant fee. I took the print out and told them that its already paid (Infact for my elder son i had paid fee in july and now its not showing in absher (this is another headache to find out where money went) so i paid again in Oct 1st week and that is showing in absher. Also i have paid for my new born) ... Sometime the guy to whom i submitted documents is asking whether they was some issue in ahwal madani I told him there was no issue there and i got the birth certificate without any issue.

Is someone facing any issue? Medical insurance is done. MOFA attestation not done yet, is it required? Please help. Any procedure left out?


very strange :-/

Hi, were you able to solve your baby's iqama issue? I am currently facing the same situation and wanted your feedback

No Still Issue is there. which part of ksa are you from? Can you give me your mobile number and your name please ?

I'm in dammam as well. **

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Helllo all. i am from india. pls. share the procedure to make birth certificate and iqama and passport.


As per your text you are living n Dammam, I m also living in Dammam, can you please tell me where you issue your new born baby passport, Is there any facility available to make new born baby passport in Dammam. or we need to go Riyadh embassy to take baby with us.

Your response will help us to get right information.

Mashkoor Ahmed

Brother, i have applied for my baby iqama in Al Jubail, Jawazat people in Jubail told me that they will send my docs to Dammam branch, since they dont have option to update in Jubail. Its been more than 2 weeks that i have not recieved any update. Can someone answer how much time do they take for processing?

Based on my experience, it is correct that jubail jawazat office does not add newborn details to your absher/iqama and they do take a long time to send the documents to dammam jawazat. I workhave in jubail and live in al khobar. I would advise you to collect your baby's documents and yourself visit the dammam jawazat office. If you have completed all your documents such as form is filled, pictures of baby attached, paid all dependent iqama fees and adding newborn inside saudi fees and received the original birth certificate, then it will not take you more than an hour to get the new iqama in your hand. Message me privately if you need more help.

Thank you Sifar. Based on your feedback, i visited Dammam and got iqama in around 10 mins. However, i would like to share that the people in dammam they took 2 hours to find the application i submitted in Jubail, and it was quite a tuff time at that moment. However, i discussed with the addition department to make new application, and they agreed, and got iqama. another thing i want to mention regarding medical insurance, Jawazat dont need medical insurance for newborn born inside kingdom. its required only for the baby born outside kingdom.

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