Dual Dutch-British nationality

I would much appreciate hearing from anyone who has first hand knowledge of holding dual Dutch and British nationality? I am British married to a Dutch wife with two kids who hold British passports. Can we apply for Dutch passports for them?

My daughter, who is British by birth and who was born in Leiden, had no difficulty in getting dual nationality. My wife's nationality was irrelevant. If I recall correctly the only condition was that my daughter had to be resident continuously in NL for the preceeding 15 years. I assume that you too, having a Dutch wife, had no difficulty in also acquiring a Dutch passport. I'm  a dual (UK/NL) national and I'm currently renewing my UK passport and encountering problems. My Dutch passport records my marital status, i.e. the name of my wife appears under my surname. For some reason, the UK passport office assumed wrongly that my name had actually changed and to convince them otherwise I had to provide some extra documents proving my identity. Even after proving that no name change has occurred the UK passport official proposes to add my marital status info on the official comment page of the UK passport. I object to this as a matter of principle and have made an official complaint. I recommend that Brits considering applying for dual nationality should ensure that the Dutch passport does not record the name of their spouse ( such inclusion is optional) to avoid potential problems such as this with UK passport renewal. Now it could be that I'm dealing with a particularly ignorant passport official but, in order to verify this, I would like to hear the experience of other dual nationals who have recently renewed their UK passports.

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All of our 3 kids are dual nationals (UK/NL) and hold both passports, I think our eldest (who lives in Holland) renewed her British passport last year.  They've never had any problems renewing their passports either way, but none of them are married, so I shall warn them of this - thanks for the warning.

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