Opening a store in Amasterdam

Hello everyone who would like to help me in my journey! Im trying to my vision to come thru but im really amateur in entrepreneurship and im asking for help. Im planning to open store in Amsterdam but i need someone who is able to help me with formal stuff for it if u are interested in it just contact me and we will talk about it in private. Have a nice day everyone! Thanks for reading this. JS

Hey JSouky,

Welcome to :)

With anything like setting up a business, I recommend you talk to a lawyer. Asking anyone out in an open forum can attract people to rip you off.

I would get in contact with the Expat Centre in Amsterdam.

Hi JSouky,

Just to echo SimCityAT's welcome. :)

I recommend you get in contact with the "Kamer van Koophandel"; this link will take you to the English section of their website; they are the people who can answer your questions.


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