Marriage with a foreign partner

I work in Netherlands and I have a 5 years working permit. I want to get married with a girl who is not a resident in here.
What should I do to register the partnership and legalize it?
Can I support her visa after we legalized our relationship here?

Hi - although I'm not Dutch and married in Holland I don't know the answer to your question.  Perhaps this link will answer your questions.

Many thanks Cynic!  :)

Dear Elham,

Please share your process details when you finish or step by step for public knowledge if you please,

Thanks _ Good LuCk

I will, for sure!  :)

Hi Elham,

First of all congrats on your plans to get married. Under dutch Law, you need to be a permanent citizen in Holland. I don't think your (temporary) working permits allows you to get married. Best route is either embassy in Den Haag of your orginal country of birth.  You might be able to get married, but not under dutch law.

Besides marriage, there is something called 'registered partnership", "geregistreerd samenwonend in dutch". Basically has a lot of the same benefits as a marriage. But again not so sure if this goes for two foreigners living in Netherlands.

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