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Any idea about Wesley Methodist International school in KL? Pls comment

emmmm,,,,,,are you looking for an international school for your kids?  as i know, Wesley Methodist International school (KL) 2018 intake is full. if you looking for KL area international school, can consider St. John's International School, annual school fee is cheaper than Wesley.  if you interested pls let me know, i have connection in st.john and able to get some cash rebate.  :)

Hi Carmen, thank you. Yes, actually I'm planning to apply WMS next year. So Before this, hope can get some ideas about this school.

For WMS, they only intake grade 7 student. If your kid is grade 8 or 9 is a bit hard, because there's no availability for transfer student. I was ex-staff there, and the school barely have transfer movement. Hope it help u.

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