Help! Kitten loving home needed

I'm not sure yet but today I think I've managed to save a little black and white kitten against all odds. She is emaciated now but she's eating good (cat) food and drinking milk for the first time in her life. I'd guess she's 6 weeks old. I'm trying desperately to save her sight but she may end up with low vision or blind.

The problem is I'm not allowed pets in this building ("NO ANIMALS" in my lease) and she's now living at a cafe where she wandered in starving and I found her.

They have two aggressive dogs so she's tied up next to a pot of dirt so she's forced to sleep on her pee and poop. (She needs a bath.)

She (I think it's a she, who knows?) loves people. She hisses at the big dogs but doesn't seem too unnerved by them so she could probably live with trained dogs once she got a little stronger.

Would any kind and generous expat forum person consider giving this little one a forever home? She really wants to live.

Thank you so much for considering this. Please ask your friends if you don't have a space for her.


Careful.  The moderators may demand that you post a classified.   ;)

Thanks. Hope not. Progress has been made since yesterday! I was able to move her to a cleaner spot at the cafe and the veterinarian saved her eyesight. But I don't know how long the cafe will tolerate her there - customers have allergies, etc..... - so please won't someone give this little one a home? She loves people and is very well-behaved. Thanks!

Update: Success! The little kitten is doing wonderfully well. She's playing with customers at the cafe, she's happily sharing space with a grown dog and a puppy, she's eating and sleeping and doing all those kitten things. Did I mention she's a talker? If only I could have pets in my apartment!! But I can't. I couldn't even smuggle her in with all the security guards. Won't some wonderful expat find room in their heart and home for this little one?  Thanks!  Jane

Too late. The Coffee By Us-turned-IRU cafe on Dang Tat says they "gave her away." But they won't say where. And it was done overnight without telling me, who'd been feeding and paying for the kitten. Is it any wonder I am skeptical of this story? But I've tried and tried, with wonderful guidance from Jack's Cat Cafe in Hoi An, and come up empty-handed. I hope the kitten is okay -- which is a far cry from knowing she's okay.

Have you tried looking at one of those restaurants that have a picture of a kitten on the awning and the word mèo in the name?   :gloria

You're not telling me anything I haven't horrifyingly thought of.... She is, or was, a great little kitten. She deserved better, but from what little I've seen, most pets here do.

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