Ants in Nha Trang

Hi in the last 2 weeks we have had an invasion of tiny brown ants. We are getting bitten on our bodies at first it is not a sting like the ants in Australia but later a big red itchy welt appears. I looked them up & the closest thing I can see is the miniature fire ant. Does any body have some advice to get rid of these annoying pests my 2 year old daughter is suffering the most. I have tried the borax/peanut butter/sugar solutions. I can't keep spraying poison around they just come back another way.

You have to destroy the nest, and that can be hard work.
The small ants are easy to get because they always walk in lines so they lead you to their nest, but larger ants tend to be more independent, making it much harder to kill them off.
Once you have the nest, murder it big style with more poison than you need, thus ensuring you kill the lot.

Thanks Fred but I live in a town house with no yard. Back home it would be easy I tried to follow them but they go into tiny holes in the concrete. Fred these ants are very small I have trouble seeing them. I have seen them out the front of our house on the street there is a lot of activity across the road with a new house being built they may have come from there. Do you know a good poison I can use over here?

I used "Superthion" to get rid of my ant problem.  It is highly toxic and has been banned from domestic use in Oz for at least 30 years, but it did the trick. One capful of Superthion per two litres gives instant death. Spray when there is no one at home.

Thanks Ralph I have a young daughter I will pass on that product. Had a friend visit us last week I got him to bring 2 large ant rid. I noticed the ant rid contains Borax. I have them under control now nasty things. Tiny little bastards can hardly feel them bite but the next day my daughter & I come up with big itchy welts like being bitten by sandflies. Odly enough they don't affect my wife. Have you come across them?

We have had the same problem on 10th floor !  There is a company on the corner of Duong B1 and A1 close to Big C, they came one time only and we did not see any ants for more than a year - price: less the a pack of cigarettes in Australia -:)

#5 - yes, we had them in our house. They love sugar, so we had to put all sweet things in the fridge. It beats me how they could find their way into screw top jars of honey and jam.

Use borax.. mix it with sugar.. (sodium borate)
non toxic.. will give you gas if you eat it.. Ants will explode when they eat it.. ;)

Locate a Pest Control Agency nearby as @youngman pointed out. Simple, easy and super fast solution.

I used to get them in the kitchen, sometimes bedoroom or wherever - kinda random.

Now nothing - i presume because its now winter.

it sounds kinda basic but just getting a wet cloth, swiping along the line of them, washing them down the sink and presumably their scent/trail seemed to work best.

btw are you sure they are not pharaoh ants?
But then again they don't bite..  I have had those but just borax mixed with sugar and some water did the trick! mind you that you can't add too much borax as ant will somehow sense it and not feed from that.

They have this "kien ba khoang" (Nairobi fly) that will cause similar symptoms. but this is not a ant but belongs to beetle family. … oh_ant.htm

Thanks Youngman I will check them out I have slowed them down with the the borax & peanut butter. I have  won the first battle they came on pretty fast probably from the new house being built across the road.

Hi Waldo I am sure these are the tiny ants I am seeing. The funny thing you don't generally feel the bite but the next day comes the itchy welt that lasts for days. The thing is I get the same response to sand flies & bed bugs ( mosquitoes don't affect me). I will go fishing with friends & I will be the only who gets bitten. I did the river boat trip a few years ago from Thailand to Lao with my friend. We stayed in that remote villiage over night I was eaten alive with bed bugs, may mate who slept less than a metre away never got a bite. When I got to Loanprobane I went to a doctor who said they liked my blood better than his (don't know about the truth in that). Now waiting for the Typhoon to hit according to the TV reports.

Thanks guys for your advice it was great info will check out the pest exterminator youngman the cockies are coming now so will get rid of both. Now can some body tell me how to close this topic down.

Perko54 :

Now can some body tell me how to close this topic down.

After the first hour only a mod has that power.

When I lived in Saigon I noticed that the ants seemed to come and go in 3 month cycles, sort of like the swallows returning to Capistrano.

Find the entrance and putty over it or glue it shut. You can also fill a plastic spray bottle with water and 1/4 cup of vinegar. They hate the smell. However the best way is to seal their entrance.


These are known as sugar ants, as Raph has said ( he often is on the money).  You can hire an exterminator as suggested but you must get to the source.  These buggers Ike to nest in any crack...plaster, behind moldings, etc.  It is imperative that you clean with bleach often and put anything that even hints at sugar in air-tight containers. 
I bring a product from the US that works quite well, called Terro...found in hardware stores.  One place a drop of it near the pathway onto a piece of non- ports cardboard or the edge of moldings and within a few days the neat is killed off.  Beat bet is to spray first and then put the .liquid down.  Likely it can be mailed to you from Australia. 
The active ingredient is borax and is effective for all sorts of much so that I have used it for countless years inside of walls to repel carpenter ants and I use it on log houses, brushing it into the wood.  You can mix borax with any number of thickening agents and mix into hot water.  Have not tried here, but likely borax is available.
The besr treatment sold to log builders is a concentreated borax soultion.
All of have the same issues but with children it seems worse.  The sugar in milk is a great attractant.  Of course, never put a child down with a bottle of milk or juice...bad for their developing teeth and worse in attracting ants.
Good luck,

My posting on ants had some typos.  I said to use a non port cardboard....meant no-porous.  That was the worst typo.  Sorry

Thanks Rick my friend just bought some ant rid over from Oz I checked it out & the main ingredient is borax which I got from the market here. Done the trick but the pesky buggers just turn up else where. They are under control now but with a 2 year old there is always food around.

Don't spray those ants, this will only make them move the nest and not solve the problem.
Only way is to bate them by borax (Sodium Borate) and sugar and kill the queen and rest will die too.

You can also mix borax with honey.

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