Giving Birth in Sao Paulo

Dear All,

I`m coming to Sao Paulo in February 2018 for having child. I will be coming for 3 weeks (10 days before due date and 12 days after).
Please advice on areas to live in (safe ..), hospitals to deliver in which cost in total less than USD 4000.
Translator list in Sao Paulo with prices of translators to help in hospital and registration issues
Can I have the passport of the new child in 10 days or I do in the Brazilian consulate of my country ?
Any advice that fits my case

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Any response pls

Hi there

The best area to live in my opinion its a upper class neighborhood called itaim Bibi. Followed by Jardins, Alto de Pinheiros e Vila Madalena, In these areas you can find a comfortable apartment for around U$ 2000. Its close to grocery shops, pharmacy, shoppings and tube station.

You can find a nice place in Airbnb, specially because you are staying for a short period.

There are public and private hospitals. The best public one is humanized call Amparo Maternal, located in Santa Cruz area

The best private maternity hospital is Santa Joana and and São Luiz

Normally it takes around 7 days to get a passport, as long as you have the baby´s birth certificate and both parents documents. You have to schedule a time in Policia federal through the website … nicial.jsp and the option  “Requerer Passaporte”. (get passport) fill the form and pay the fee of almost U$100. After that you will schedule a day and time to go to the Policia Federal.

Its possible to be done in 10 days, but keep in mind that you might want to take it slow after delivering

I wish you all the best for you and the little one

Thanks Gaby for your quick response, i appreciate

Hi Gaby,

Is there any expedited services for obtaining the permenant residency for the family in a week time?
Will the permenant residency be issued to a son who is 7 years old in case he was born somewhere else if we plan to give birth to our new baby in Brazil?

We have insurance covering some private hospitals in Sao Paulo, how usually it cost a normal delivery in a good private hospital inSao Paulo?

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