Dentistry in Sao Paulo

I think I have found my perfect dentist.. well he is in Sao paulo and I am in the U.S and most dentist do not want to give me any qoutes on what I need. They want me to come in person.. My dilemma, how do I know how much to do? I don't want to get out there and get the surprise of my life when it's too much. I woukd love a ball park of prices for dental implants and smile designs.  Otherwise I have to spend a $800 ticket just for consultation only.  :(

I was at the dentist in Alaska maybe two weeks ago, for 2 fillings and a cleaning the total came to $701.00 USD. Dental is insane here. Oh he filled a small tooth for no charge (lol). That's my story on the dental. Good luck
I think that if you Google " Prices for Implants,  or Smile Design for the area you are living in it will give you a ball park figure. I tried it for Alaska and the information was a ball park figure for the work needed. Hope that helps … EXJ96QkpDQ … 8cJ7CsY-2Q
Here's a couple links not sure how true the pricing is for the links are dated

Thanks for responding but I have Googled  and googled and googled.. no docs in brazil give prices via phone/Web .. I was asking those that reside in brazil especially  sao paulo that can give me a ball park estimate.

Sorry about that. I thought you were in the States, my lady friend in Belem had some work on her teeth and from what I could tell the prices were not bad.

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